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Pakistan says will help Afghanistan peace process

Pakistan as neighboring of Afghanistan can play vital role in the Afghan peace process and take part in stability of the country; but, this needs honestly cooperation of Pakistan with Afghanistan in maintaining peace in the country.
Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehood Qureshi I in his recent remarks said that Pakistan wants political settlement of Afghan conflict as it firmly believes that dialogue is the only forward.
Addressing the media in Multan on Sunday, the foreign minister reiterated that “there is no military solution to the issue”. In addition, he said that Pakistan is committed to an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process in the war-torn country and will continued to play a positive role in bringing peace and stability in the region.
The Pakistan foreign minister recent remarks come after US Secretary of State’s special envoy for reconciliation and peace of Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad met with Pakistan Prime Minister in Islamabad last week.
In a statement issued from the office of Pakistan Prime Minister said that the country’s foreign minister Qureshi assured Zalmay Khalilzad that Islamabad would provide necessary cooperation particularly in peace talks between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group. Previously, US President Donald Trump by sending letter to Pakistan prime minister had asked the country to cooperate in Afghanistan peace process.
Afghan political experts believe that Afghanistan peace talks have regional and international dimensions; therefore, only international pressures can make Pakistan help in the Afghan peace process.But, despite of increasing pressures on the country, financial and economic crisis, challenges and uprising of various groups in the country, Pakistan still has not reviewed its policy and strategy in connection with Afghanistan. If Pakistan now reviews its foreign policy, a part of complicated process of Afghan peace will be solved.
In the meantime, Pakistan army has exerted pressure on the civilian government of the country to stop combat policy and work to agree with Afghanistan government on economic issues. There’s optimistic that Pakistan wants to cooperate in Afghanistan peace process. Now, if Pakistan wants to save itself from the increasing pressures of the international community and financial crisis, the country should stop its combat policy against its neighboring country.
Pakistan as close neighboring of Afghanistan should take practical and honestly steps towards convincing the Taliban group to solve its problems with Afghanistan government through peace talks. The country should now seek its interests in deteriorating the security situation and destabilizing Afghanistan.
In past, Pakistan has repeatedly notified of cooperation with Afghanistan peace process; but, Afghan officials say the country has not taken any practical step in this regard. Now hopes have increased as peace efforts are being accelerated these days in national and international level and Pakistan has also assured Afghanistan and the international community of cooperating with Afghanistan in the country’s peace process.
Lailuma Noori

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