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Pakistan keen to cooperate with Afghanistan in peace process

Recently, Pakistani foreign minister, Mahmoud Quraishi said that his country was not capable to invite the Taliban to peace negotiations with the Afghan government unless the regional countries particularly India cooperate in the respect.
“However, Pakistan is committed to play the role of a facilitator in direct peace talks between the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan, but it is not capable to do it by its own and other regional countries should also cooperate in this process,” he further said
All countries particularly the US have now realized that the war in Afghanistan cannot be solved with military option, but it needs to be tackled through political channel, he added.
US has assisted billions of dollars to Pakistan to fight terrorism, but it still continues to prepare the ground for terrorists’ safe havens, US representative in UN, Nikki Haley said.
“We won’t pay even a dollar to Pakistan anymore, unless it changes its policy before the terrorist factions,” she added.
This comes as recently, Russia and India have agreed on a mechanism based on which both countries would jointly fight terrorism.
Indian officials have always stressed that fighting terrorism is the responsibility of all regional and world countries, adding India supports Afghan-led and owned peace talks.
Those countries that are fighting terrorism should unite all regional countries to step up in the respect, otherwise, these fights would follow with no result, a lawmaker Zaheer Saadat said.
He added terrorism threats in region and the world won’t decrease unless Pakistan is isolated.
Political experts are optimistic on regional countries role and cooperation in ensuring peace, stability and fighting terrorism in Afghanistan.
A civil society network member, Safia Seddiqi says that those countries that use terrorism as a mean, should understand that it is a danger to region and them as well, adding joint and honest cooperation is needed to uproot all terrorist groups.
We won’t allow anyone to use our soil against any country, she said, adding we also expect the regional countries to prevent interferences in Afghanistan’s domestic affairs and honestly cooperate with this country in peace dialogue.
A Kabul university student, Sherzad said the government of Afghanistan couldn’t invite the insurgent groups to peace talks, thus, we expect all regional and world countries to honestly cooperate with Afghanistan in this regard.
Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.