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Pakistan colonial vision

Senior authorities of Pakistan government including PM Imran Khan decide for Afghanistan from the position of a tutor. So far, no country has officially prescribed an interim administration or acting government for Afghanistan. The US, UK, Germany, Japan and others who have made huge humanitarian and financial investments in the last 18 years in Afghanistan, do not dare to prescribe frankly an interim government for Afghanistan like Imran Khan.
PM Imarn Khan had already said that a good government would be made soon in Afghanistan and the war would be ended. Today he says that the Afghan government is an obstacle ahead of peace and an acting government should takeover.
Imran Khan talks on Afghanistan from the position of a tutor and his utterances indicate that Pakistan colonial vision has not changed on Afghanistan. Imran Khan is too close to Pakistan army. Some Pakistani politicians believe that he is blue eye son of the army. Pakistan army like British India viceroys believe that if Kabul rulers and four directions of Hindukush territories have Pakistani thoughts, security of Pakistan would be ensured. They want Islamists, jehadists and reactionary and pro-Pakistani forces to rule Kabul and surrounding areas of Hindukush.
They want to create an anti-India Afghanistan. A stable, progressive and pro-liberal values Afghanistan is not in the benefit of Pakistan enmity with India. A secure and progressive Afghanistan would maintain friendly relations with India and would be impartial in India-Pakistan dispute.
Imran Khan frankly says that his country has facilitated US-Taliban talks or in other words, Islamabad has brought Taliban leaders to peace talks table with the US and has strong influence on them.
It is clear that Pakistan want concessions from the US and the world community. One of those concessions is increasing influence of Pakistan in Afghanistan power equations. Pakistani authorities have certainly concluded that establishment of an interim administration would pave the way for improvement of Pakistan influence in power relations in Afghanistan. But experiences have shown that all Pakistani prescriptions have produced disasterous outcomes due to this reason that Panjabi generals in Rawalpendi have colonial visions on Afghanistan.
They don’t want a powerful, developed and secure Afghanistan. In 1980s during anti-Soviet resistance movement. Pakistan was an ally of Afghan mujahedin and frankly provided military and guerilla training, for all militants and their commanders but no cadres of jihadi Tanzeems were received massively in Pakistan military academies, if received, their number is slight. Pakistan didn’t want a strong and powerful administration to be formed in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of USSR troops from Afghanistan.
Pakistan wanted an extremist Afghanistan that would be the training center of anti-India militants and be used against India. In that time Pakistan had been mediating among leaders of jihadi Tanzeems in one hand and equipped the leaders of one of the Tanzeems with Chinese missiles to target Kabul.
Pakistan colonial vision has not changed so far and despite of its active embassy in Kabul and supervising of all political, cultural and economic changes, no change has taken place in the thought of Pakistani generals. They imagine that in the wake of withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan, they would reduce Afghanistan into their 5th province.
They don’t want to know that Afghanistan today is quite different from that of 1990s.
All active political parties and movements plus presidential candidates strongly condemned Imran Khan prescription. Now the time has been over that Tanzeemi leaders request establishment of a joint confederation between the two countries. Pakistanis should realize that they can no longer be tutor of Afghanistan.
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