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Pakistan and strategy of influence in Afghanistan

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While nowadays Pakistan is boosting on sincere cooperation in the direction of Afghan peace and Islamabad authorities gesture before the public opinion as well as the western officials that have managed to bring Taliban representatives to talks table and have sat them face to face with US special envoy. But certain reactions of government and secret services of that country indicate that as it was predicted and has always been in this way that Pakistan government has been exploiting the phenomenon of peace talks in favor its goals and strategy.
Based on the believe of certain aware sources, if the Taliban representative say that they do not talk with Afghan government, or prior to everything the timetable for foreign troops withdrawal from Afghanistan should be prepared or according to some media reports that the Taliban proposed formation of an interim administration and Taliban would introduce its leader but later denied it, all and all are advice and instruction of Pakistan to Taliban aimed to prolong the talks process or involvement of the other side.
The Pakistani authorities specially the I.S.I networks force the Taliban to extend the talks process with taking up of impractical and irrelevant issues so either the opposite side to submit to their demands or become fed up and give up the talks.
Experts believe that due to its colonial nature before Afghanistan and the region, exploiting its proxy forces, Pakistan intends to extend it influence into the region and maximamlly take advantage available opportunities for implementation of its short and long term goals, otherwise in no circumstances and at no price the Pakistanis allow Taliban and other proxy elements to enter talks deliberately and agree on an effective and reliable solution. Instead they try to advice and instruct Taliban negotiators to pave the way for ensuring of Pakistan interests and goals.
Through exerting influence on Taliban and their negotiators the Pakistani authorities want to set up their domination on our country’s situation, extend it into our system and particularly plan to make further investments in the province along the Durand Line.
Seeking their strategic depth into our country, the Pakistani rulers have always been attempting to exploit the limitation of India’s interests according to their opinion and extension of their trade towards Central Asia and even Russian Federation.
Pakistan is thirsty of Central Asia energy sources and is in urgent need of markets for selling of its products and strongly believe that if a weak and pro-Pakistan government rule Afghanistan, she would better and easier achieve and its goals, would either have access to energy sources of central Asia or make economic transactions through Afghanistan in overseas territories.
Taliban are Pakistani proxy force in war and politics. Due to their undeniable and frank influence and domination on Taliban, Pakistan exploits them simply in the direction of their goals and strategy.
According to political analysts, Pakistan is playing indeed with a card in the name of Taliban and it has been proved that in no case Pakistan gives authority of talks and negotiation to this faction and neither a Taliban element is allowed to negotiate deliberately and without permission of Pakistan spy agency with others. As prior to this, every Talban who wanted to take a step without Pakistan permission and instruction on war and peace, either was killed or jailed.
The western negotiators are required to notice this thrick of Pakistan government and spy agency and should know that the practice of these two bodies are different in word and action and both lack essential sincerity.
Pakistan intends to deceive the west, appears in the dress of help and assistance in peace process and end of war but instead discussing impracticable issues, to prolong the talks and pave the way further for their penetration into Afghan administration.
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