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Over 60,000 workers to be sent abroad for work, official

KABUL: The Ministry of Public Works said the other day that 65,000 workers will be sent abroad for work in the near future.
The deputy minister said that 15,000 will leave for to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey to work with livestock.
“We are trying to provide facilities for these people. And we are trying to solve this problem as soon as possible and send our people to work abroad,” said Makhodm Sadat, the deputy minister of Public Works.
He said that contracts to send Afghan workers to foreign countries were signed in the previous government, but their implementation was delayed due to various problems.
Some residents in Kabul who are unemployed asked the government to facilitate work opportunities for them.
“I have house rent, I have electricity, I have seven people who want food, but I don’t earn two hundred Afghani from morning to evening,” said Rahmatullah, a worker told the private Tolonews.
“Our request to the government is to not allow the youth to leave illegally. The government should help them and send them by legal means,” said Mustafa, a worker.
Economists believe that sending Afghan workers to foreign countries will have a good impact on the country’s economy.
“The journey of Afghans to other countries through the legal route leads to the establishment of relations, the establishment of diplomacy and also good achievements.
In other words, he sends money to his family and in this way economic development occurs,” said Mohammad Asif Nang, an economist.
The United Nations Development Agency expressed concern about the increasing unemployment in Afghanistan, and according to their statistics in one year 700,000 jobs have been lost in Afghanistan.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.