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Over 370 historical, ancient relics donated to Herat Museum

KABUL: An antique dealer donated hundreds of historical artifacts to the National Museum of Herat, a statement from the province museum said the other day.
Haji Mohammad Omar, provincial head of the antique dealers says that 375 historical artifacts are from the Timurid and Ghorian periods, which he donates to the national museum of this province, the statement quoted.
“The nature of these works is clay, stone and bronze he said adding I bought most of these works from people and collected them one by one until they reached this size and delivered them to the information and culture directorate”.
On the other hand, the officials of Herat National Museum say; the works that were exhibited today are worth keeping in the museum. Abdul Jabbar Noorzai, manager of Herat National Museum, asked the citizens of the province to donate all the antiques kept in their homes to the museum.
“Out of 3,000 ancient works in the National Museum, only 473 works exhibited, he said adding that we have decided to allocate a suitable place for better preservation of the artifacts”.
Mawlana Naeemulhaq Haqqani, provincial Herat’s information and culture director, asked the citizens to deliver the ancient relics that they keep them in their houses.
A number of the province citizens also insist on preserving these works. Herat National Museum, with a history of 98 years, has about 3,000 ancient works, of which about 473 works were exhibited, the oldest of which dated back to six thousand years, before the Islamic period, according to the officials.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.