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Over 30m Afghani spent on Taloqan uplift projects last year: Municipality

TALOQAN: Thirty-two million Afghani has been spent on uplift projects in Taloqan City, the capital of the country’s northern province of Takhar, last year, the mayor told to the media on Sunday. Taloqan City Mayor Qari Naqibullah said that last year Municipality administration collected 75 million Afghani in revenue. He said 32 million Afghani had been spent on uplift schemes that included the asphalting of 1,100-meter road, construction of 300-meter irrigation canal, and reconstruction of Municipality building. “Efforts are being made to provide more services to the people, and in this solar year 1402, along with the reconstruction work of five thousand square meters road inside Taloqan city, the Gala Bazaar Mandavi Market, which caused more congestion, will also be transferred to another place. Turning the municipal lawn into a green place, which has been a safe place for drug addicts for years, is one of the important programs that is the priority of this office,” he said. He added, asphalting of 1,100 meter roads, and the construction of 300 irrigation canals had been carried out. Some Taloqan residents, according to Pajhwok Afghan News, hailed the efforts of the Municipality and offered new demands. “We want the municipality to make sure that roads and streets inside the city are opened and pay special attention to the cleanliness of the city.” Haji Aminullah Azad, a public representative in Taloqan City said: “The work the municipality had carried out recently was unprecedented. The municipality building was ruined and is now converted to a quality building. With the construction of the irrigation canal, a big problem of the people had been resolved. Besides the asphalting of 1,100 kilometer roads, the Bagh Zakhera road had been graveled as well.” Civil Society Activist Yasin Noori said: “The Municipality Chaman area had become a safe place for drug addicts and they often harassed and harmed people. We hope Municipality will take action in this regard.” This comes when Taloqan residents have complained about the traffic congestion and demanded the problem to be addressed soon. Ahmad Mukhtar

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.