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Over 25,000 acres of state land reclaimed in Khost, Takhar in past years

KABUL: A total of 25,352 acres of land have been registered as state land and reclaimed in Khost and Takhar provinces of the country within past years, the Commission for Prevention of Land Usurpation said in a statement the other day. “Following the registration process of state lands and reclaiming from the usurpers, 25,000 acres of state land have been re taken from illegal occupants in southeastern Khost province and 352 acres of state lands in northern Takhar province during the past years,” the statement said, adding a house has also been registered as government property and its usurper has been tasked to hand over the house to the relevant department. Meanwhile, Mawlavi Hazrat Jamal a member of the Commission said that people had built houses on government lands in Khost city and districts. He said they marked all government lands that had been usurped and stopped new constructions on them. “Land has been usurped belonging to the urban planning and municipality, donated lands such as large cemeteries and mosques and public pastures,” the statement quoted him, adding, that they had so far reclaimed about 25,000 government lands from usurpers. He cited the recovery of 200 acres of land belonging to the industrial park in Ismailkhel Mandozai district as an example. He said about 50,000 acres of government land had been grabbed in Khost, including pastures. Khost residents praised the government’s recent measures against land grabbers. Hamid, a resident of Khost said that the government should continue its efforts and wrest back all government lands from illegal occupants. “We are grateful to the Islamic Emirate for giving rights to the rightful and recovering state land. We support them and stand with them.” This is to be noted that after the resumption of power by the Islamic Emirate lots of progress has been made in various fields, for example, hundreds of mega economic projects have been implemented across the country, thousands of drug addicts have been rounded up and taken to the recovery centers and poppy cultivation banned countrywide. Javed Husain

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.