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Over 193.9 bln Afghani collected in revenue last year: MoF

The Ministry of Finance of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has collected 193,9 billion Afghani (2,236 billion U.S.D) in revenue in the last solar year and 588,000 tons imports, 189,000 tons exports and 53,000 transit shipments have been made during the last year. In a press conference at the Government Media and Information Centre (GMIC), the ministry spokesman Ahmad Wali Haqmal shared last solar year achievements of the ministry with the media and said: “Despite imposed sanctions by western countries on the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the country’s revenues in 1401 solar year have been increased by 14 percent comparing to 1400 solar year. According to him, the targeted revenue was 105 billion Afghani, fortunately with the efforts of the ministry and transparent collection of revenue over 193.9 billion Afghani have been collected from the country’s customs houses in 1401 solar year. Speaking in the press conference the country’s Customs Office General Director Mufti Abdul Matin Saeed, said that last year the country’s Custom Offices collected 111.5 billion Afghani and 82,4 billion Afghani have been collected from other resources. Pointing to the country’s imports and exports, he said: “Over 588,000 tons imports worth 599,2 billion Afghani have been made last year and most of the imported items were fuel and food items which imported from the neighboring and some other world countries, as well as a total of 189.88 shipments of exports worth 170,4 billion Afghani have been made last year.” According to him, 63 percent of the exported items were coal which was exported to Pakistan and the rest of them were precious and semi-precious stones, dry fruits, manufactured commodities, coal and agricultural products which have been exported to Turkey, India, Uzbekistan, China and other world countries. He said last year a total of 53,679 transit trade shipments had been made, and the total weight of the shipments was over 1.5 million tons. Director of the Ministry Treasury Department Nasratullah Mahmood said that the general and development budget for the last year was 239 billion Afghani and 81 percent of the budget has been spent, adding that the ministry through its anti-corruption efforts and transparent collection of the country’s revenue prevented budget deficit of 43 billion Afghani in 1401 solar year. He said the budget for the current solar year has also been drafted and sent to the leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) for endorsement. Meanwhile, Deputy of the Ministry of Treasury Department Merajuddin Mohammad Meraj, said last year over three billion tons of coal worth 14,6 billion Afghani have been exported to Pakistan. He said the expansion of working hours, simplification of the transit guarantees process, decision regarding the increase and decrease of 198 trade items, the introduction of national codes, provision of facilities in trade and transit and waving off all tax penalties were major steps the ministry taken to improve trade and commerce. He said in line with the directives of the IEA leadership import duty on 326 items such as wheat, cooking oil, rice and others had been decreased from 50 to 70 percent to ensure public access to these commodities in a fair rate. Samiullah Momand

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.