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Optimism surges as Pakistan appoints new representative for Afghanistan

The charge d’affaires of the Afghan embassy in Pakistan, Sardar Ahmad Shakib, Discussed Cooperation and Enhancing Kabul-Islamabad Relations in a Meeting with the New Pakistani Representative for Afghanistan Affairs. There is optimism that the appointment of a new Pakistani representative for Afghanistan affairs will lead to the resolution of issues faced by Afghans in Pakistan and the improvement of Pakistan’s relations with the Islamic Emirates. However, some political analysts and citizens in an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, stated that with the appointment of a new representative, Pakistan might improve its relations with the Islamic Emirates compared to the past. They hope that issues, including Afghan visa problems and the unjustified imprisonment of some Afghans living in unfavorable circumstances within Pakistan, can be resolved. According to them, despite being one of Afghanistan’s major neighbors, Pakistan has provided refuge to millions of Afghan migrants in recent years, and a significant number of Afghans have extensive ties with the country. Additionally, many Afghan immigrants in Pakistan have received the necessary education. However, it is hoped that Pakistan refrains from interfering in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. “Over the past years, Afghans have experienced good and bad days during their stay in that country; bad days included occasional harassment by the Pakistani police. However, we also had good working days in the country. Our children received an education, and the working conditions were favorable for us. We still hope for better conditions with the changes that come with the appointment of representatives for Afghan affairs in the country,” said Naser, an Afghan citizen who spent several years with his family in Pakistan. Abdul Rahman, a political analyst, expresses his optimism with the appointment of a new Pakistani representative for Afghanistan affairs, anticipating the promotion of strong bilateral relations and the resolution of numerous challenges faced by Afghans, including visa issues and the unjust imprisonment of a portion of the Afghan population. “Today, the situation has changed in all countries. Systems have been changed due to political transformations worldwide, including in Pakistan. There are significant economic and political challenges, and we witness new events and approaches in the country. However, it is hoped that with the appointment of their new representative for Afghan affairs, Pakistan can improve Kabul-Islamabad relations.” Furthermore, the IEA diplomat has stated that Asif Ali Khan Durrani has sufficient experience in Afghan affairs, and with his appointment, the ties between Kabul and Islamabad will improve. “Both sides have affirmed that although the relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan are already good, they should further strengthen it, and efforts shall be made to address the existing issues and find solutions. I believe Mr. Asif Ali Khan Durrani has a good experience in Afghan affairs,” Sardar Ahmad Shakib further added. Besides, some former diplomats and political experts believe that to foster relations between Kabul and Islamabad, Pakistan must change its foreign policy towards Afghanistan and abandon its dual policy. “To strengthen and expand the ties between the two countries, Pakistan must undergo a fundamental shift in its policy towards Afghanistan, moving away from a policy of destruction, deteriorating, overthrowing, and subjugating,” said Nurullah Raghee, a former diplomat. “If he holds positive thoughts and perspectives toward Afghanistan, he can serve Afghanistan and foster good relations between both countries,” said Sayed Akbar Agha, a political analyst. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has appointed Asif Ali Khan Durrani as the Special Representative of Pakistan for Afghan Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan announced in a statement last week. Durrani has previously served as the Ambassador of Pakistan to Iran and the United Arab Emirates and as Deputy Ambassador of Pakistan to Afghanistan. Shukria Kohistani

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