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Opportunities, obstacles before Afghanistan, Pakistan relationship

This is a clear fact that Afghanistan and Pakistan as two neighboring countries, with thousands of kilometers of shared borders can be deeply affected by anything possibly going wrong between each other, as the two nations have shared historical, religious and cultural values. The same religion and culture can be considered as the best opportunity for establishing relations between the two Muslim nations. Therefore, building mutual trust, understanding and cooperation through cultural and educational programs can help cultivate popular support for the wider relationships in both countries. Because of our dire need for a seaport, and the proximity of Pakistan’s ports to other countries, as well as Pakistan’s need for Central Asia’s energy resources, the presence of the closest route to Afghanistan is another economic opportunity that is the most important element for the development and prosperity of both countries. Of course, on the condition that it is not connected with political relations in any case. This means that these bilateral economic interests should never be affected by other disputes between the two neighboring countries and all commercial transactions should always be carried out regularly and for further strengthening of political, trade, transit relationships between the two neighboring and Islamic countries all misunderstandings should be addressed through the diplomatic channels, as well as the relevant officials of both countries should prevent provocative and baseless declarations. Unfortunately, on the other hand, the biggest problem against bolstering and maintaining relations between the two countries is the structure of Pakistan, and other countries’ rulers consider Westernism and its government to be a legacy of the former British Empire. Based on this commitment, since the beginning of the Crusade invasion of our country, they have given their land and space to the same enemies of Islam, provided them with facilities, and with the help of these foreign forces, they have built trenches and hideouts all over the Durand Line. In this way, they have separated the indigenous people from each other in such a way that it is almost impossible for them to travel despite their passports and visas. However, both countries have been suffering lots of challenges and are facing many problems and economic crises due to these policies. Therefore, it is necessary to take effective steps to reduce these problems in a very wise way. Therefore, if we think deeply about these topics, we may come to the conclusion that we still have a chance to restore productive ties, because establishing positive relations is in the interest of both countries and will have a considerable impact on the trade and transit development of the two neighbors. For example, currently, Afghanistan is ruled by religious scholars and Ulama, certainly, has complete control over the opinions of the Afghan nation and like the rest of the Islamic world, they have a deep influence on the religious people of Pakistan and the scholars of all religions. So, if we maintain some relations and contacts with religious scholars and all wise people beyond the Durand Line, it is possible to have some effect in consolidating the relationships between the two Islamic and neighboring countries.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.