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Opinion: We want a developed Afghanistan

In order to develop our country and be part of a developed convoy, it is necessary to have a constitution. It is time that Afghanistan should have a constitution that is drafted in accordance with the Islamic Sharia in which the rights of all citizens are protected and saved. With having the constitution, Afghanistan will step forward and go ahead, the people will know their rights, irregularities will end, stability will be maintained and the people will feel tranquility. In the absence of the constitution and certain laws, no rights of the people will be respected. Another key step that can help develop our country is to promote education countrywide. With the improvement of the overall security situation in the country, it is time that the door of learning centers is opened to both girls and boys and all necessary facilities are provided to the country’s youth to get quality education and higher education inside the country. If facilities are not provided to the country’s children, the enemy of the people of Afghanistan can easily reach their goals in the country. With education and providing all necessary facilities for education in the country, Afghanistan will soon change to one of the developed countries in the region. Another key step that can help develop our country is to be united. We should all work for a united and developed Afghanistan. With unity, we can address all challenges and problems facing our country. With full unity, we can reconstruct our war-torn country and help it step towards development and prosperity. Afghanistan has taken key steps towards development in the past almost two years. The Islamic Emirate has taken all necessary steps towards rooting out corruption, health and education of their people as well as the rule of law that are essential for the successful development of the country. More works need to be followed for a developed Afghanistan. For example, more work on the country’s infrastructure, economic development, the convenience of transport, sufficient electricity, and improvement of economic policies, education and the health sector should be followed. Afghanistan is now in the least developed country category although it has over 1,400 mineral fields, containing various precious minerals and mines. Afghanistan is struggling to develop, but there are steps that can help the country go forward. It is now a golden opportunity for all Afghans to give hands together to work for the development of our country as the overall security situation has improved across Afghanistan. Zaifullah Hamdard

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.