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Opening of Amani Relics Exhibition at National Museum

By: Karima Malikzada

Museums play key role in protection and awareness giving on cultural heritages. Among the works kept in National Museum, are works discovered during Amani rule which is now on display on the occasion of the country’s 100th Independence Anniversary.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter deputy director of the National Museum of Afghanistan, Yahya Mohibzada said, the National Museum has organized an exhibition of works of Amani era to better celebrate the 100th Independence Anniversary of Afghanistan. He added, the exhibition has been held in a specific hall for displaying of current works from the era of independence founder. “We address all relevant individuals and families connected to King Amanullah Khan to trust or gift works of Amani era to Kabul museum to be displayed in the special exhibition of independence.” Talking on the works in national museum from Amani era, Mohibzadah added, unfortunately during the factional conflicts in Kabul, specially Dar-ul-Aman area, most of the museum works were plundered or destroyed including works relevant to Amani era. “But fortunately, a priceless pen by which independence statement was signed by King Amanullah Ghazi, and enjoys high value has survived. Beside that a globe was gifted to king Amanullah during his tour in European countries and he had inserted all his tours, in this globe and signed it, plus a big box that contained private things of Amanullah Khan including medals, coins, also exist in museum.”

Talking on relocation of works to Dar-ul-Aman palace, he went on to say, as per order of president Ghani, the palace is expected to be changed to a rich museum in Kabul and an exhibition be held in palace too. The presidential palace has taken positive steps in this direction, assigned a group to coordinate with National Museum and allocate the second floor to exhibition of museum works. He added: “We have already started preliminary measures and hope that this mission would be accomplished successfully, because this palace is one of the historical monuments with a century background.” Answering a question, he said, during Amani era, animals were used as means of transportation. The only railway was constructed from Dar-ul-Aman to Pul-e-Arthel area which was one of the progressive ideas of king Amanullah and was the only technical transportation facility in Kabul and showed the people that the world is growing quickly.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.