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Once drug-addict, Afghan young complete hand-written Quran

Reza Shirzad Mohammadi, who had been drug-addict for 15 years, has almost completed handwritten Quran after he recovered from drug-addiction. Deputy Minister of Information and Culture for Publication Hayatullah Muhajer Farahi went to Shirzad’s home to praise him for his work. During his visit to his home, Farahi promised that work opportunity and financial support would be provided to him. Shirzad has used the ‘Naskh font’ in his Quran masterpiece, which is 1m long, 80cm wide and has 168 pages. His hand-written Quran masterpiece will be soon unveiled in a ceremony. It is worth mentioning that Reza Shirzad Mohammadi , who had been using drug for 15 years, has been recently treated and started his normal life. He started writing the Holy Quran soon after he recovered from drug addiction. Since the Islamic Emirate (IEA) takeover in mid-August 2021, Ministry of Interior with close cooperation of relevant organs have stepped up counter narcotics efforts across the country. As part of the IEA efforts, a 5,000-bed hospital has been established and opened for treatment of thousands of drug-addicts in the country. In the past almost two years, hundreds of drug-addicts have been treated and sent to their homes. S. Raqib

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.