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On time presidential elections a must to safeguard democracy

The USA who has lost over 2415 servicemen in Afghan war and has invested over $ 900 billion for war on terror and rebuilding Afghanistan, has now concluded that Afghanistan conflict has no military solution and a peaceful solution should be found. Beside shouldering the heavy burden of war on terror mainly, the US supported democratization process in Afghanistan too in the last 17 years.
The US Wall Street Journal has reported that the White House key authorities are discussing the pressure option on the Afghan government to force the Afghan government to postpone the presidential elections from its due date.
The US Department of State Special envoy for Afghanistan peace Dr. Zulmai Khalilzad has prepared a plan based on which Afghanistan presidential election should be delayed and a meeting similar to Bonn conference be held with the participation of all political forces including Taliban.
In his separate meetings with NUG rulers and Jehadi leaders, Khalilzad has recommended postponement of presidential elections’.
Some American authorities are concerned for election backshocks. Every previous Afghanistan elections had been affected with disorder and continued political disputes. The American authorities think that post-election possible political disputes would fail Khalilzad political efforts to end the war.
An ex-official of the US government had told Wall Street Journal that Khalilzad had suggested suspension of presidential election as an encouragement of Taliban for beginning of basic talks. According to plan, Khalilzad is expected to meet Taliban representatives in Qatar or in Dubai next week.
Postponement of presidential election takes place to accelerate efforts aimed drawing Taliban to talk table and their integration into reconciliation process to end the US 17 years war in Afghanistan.
Khalilzad has told his colleagues that president Trump has given him a time of 6 to 12 months to lead efforts to desired results to end the war.
The US has been greatly contributing since 2001 for establishment of democracy in Afghanistan but now with suspending of presidential elections, she wants to victimize this democratic process for peace and act against her nearly two decades efforts.
During his press conference last week with NATO SG president Ghani reiterated that presidential elections would be held on its due time. It would be a free, competitive and general election in which the people would decide to elect which person as their leader.
Presidential spokesman Haroon Chakhansoori said that the principle of continuation in a democratic process requires that on time election must be held. Without holding of on times election, no other option is acceptable to us. The presidential election would be held according to IEC schedule on due time.
CE DR. Abdullah in his meeting with US ambassador in Kabul said that presidential elections would be held on due time and the peace talks is a separate discussion and are not related to elections.
The US ambassador in Kabul John Bass has said that Washington supports holding of on time presidential election Afghanistan. Experience has shown that decisions of US authorities on Afghanistan due to political and electoral reasons that increase their domestic reputation, has been catastrophic for the Afghan people. The 17 years old achievements of democracy process in Afghanistan must not be victimized for some American politicians. Afghanistan is a democratic country and every transition of power must take place through a democratic process.
Every other suggestion against the constitution, is unacceptable for our people.
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