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Officials optimistic about drought end due to recent enough rainfall

KABUL: The country’s  Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation  and Livestock (MAIL) on  Saturday, expressed hope for  what it said an end to drought  due to recent consecutive rainfalls  in the country.  The assertion comes, while  farmers said they fear heavy  drops in their crops in areas  that are vulnerable to drought,  the same as the previous years.  Misbahuhddin Mustayen,  a spokesman for the ministry,  said the current government  has prepared for an emergency  situation due to drought in  the country.  “Droughts are increasing  across the globe, but after recent  rains in the country, it gave  us hope that we would be less  vulnerable this year, compared to the past,” said Musbahuh- ddin Mustaeen. Meanwhile, some farmers  in different provinces expressed  concerns over  drought and not getting the  desired results from their  crops, the private Tolonews  said.  “Neither from the dam nor  from the sea, there is no water  for us. Wells have been drying  for the past two years, and  we are vulnerable. Nobody is  helping us,” said Astashan, a  farmer as quoted by the TV.  “Last year’s drought was  too much, and we were not  able to irrigate our lands even  after 25 days, but Allah knows  better what will happen this  year,” said Ghulam Ali, a Farmer.  The Chamber of Agriculture  and Irrigation said that  one of the reasons for the increase  in drought in the country  is the lack of water management  in recent years.  “Unfortunately, our water  without any management went  to our neighboring countries.  If Qush Tepa Canal, Kamal  Khan Dam, and Kunar Water  Canal are built according to  standards, Afghanistan will not  face drought,” said Merwais  Haji Zada, deputy of the Chamber  of Agriculture and Irrigation.  Based on the information of  the chamber, Afghanistan receives  up to 80 billion cubic  meters of water annually from  rain and snowfall, and its annual  expenses for water reach  25 billion cubic meters.  Drought, in most parts of  the country, has concerned the  Afghan farmers as the landlocked  country has no other  option, except depending on  seasonal rains and now. Recently,  the United Nations Office  for the Coordination of  Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA)  has recently said  that.Despite Afghanistan being  the world’s largest and  most severe humanitarian crisis  the 2023 appeal has received  less than five percent  of its requirement.  According to OCHA, the  received amount, making it  the lowest-funded aid operation  globally, without urgent  resources, as millions of Afghans  risked missing out on  lifesaving aid.  The office said it could  provide assistance to 23.8  million people with 28.3 million  and there was a need for  4.6 billion U.S. dollars.  Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.