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Occupation will not last long, Palestine will one day regain freedom

America has long been involved in the Middle East crisis and is one of the key stakeholders in the tension between the Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement and the Zionist regime. It is not only giving up intervention in the affairs of the two sides but fueling tension between the two warring sides and encouraging the regime to resort to further bloodshed in Palestine particularly, the Gaza Strip, where estimations suggest the death tools mostly claiming children and women lives have surpassed forty thousand, since the start of war in the enclave. It is clear that the Zionist regime is a puppet of America and this is why the Jewish Israel is created, armed and equipped by the American politicians to be used against its rivals in the region. The war between the Palestinian nation and the Zionist invaders is not a new tragedy of the region, it lasts tens of years, but this is the Americans who are still fueling the war instead of pressuring the regime to stop it and to resolve the issue through diplomatic channels. Now it seems that the war is engulfing other parts of the Middle East on the behest of America in order to achieve its vicious objectives in the region. The Yemenis and Lebanese have now openly shown their devotion for their religion and sacred objectives against the American and Zionist regimes on the battlefield. Scores of the American ships have been targeted and destroyed by the Yemenis and thus fulfilled their Islamic mission. This bitter truth is not hidden from anyone that the Arab countries are currently under the deep influence of America and cowardly ignore the resistance and defense of the Palestinians against the occupying regime and help their voices reach justice. It is a clear fact that Saudi Arabia’s relationship with America is as good as it can do whatever it wants, but, its relations and benefits are not against what if it suggests to American politicians a lasting end to the conflict between the Palestinians and the occupying regime. Some certain Arab countries who are deepened in the richest oil mines’ wealth, that they will actually fight against the usurping and occupying Zionists and resolve the issue of the Palestinians or at least to put an end to the long devastating war, but the day is not far when the occupying Zionist regime will be caught by the free Islamic countries of the world and they will be held accountable for the atrocities committed on the Palestinians and the crimes against humanity.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.