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Observe hijab as Divine obligation

For centuries, Muslim women and girls have observed hijab and burqa, as the holy Divine obligation. The holy religion of Islam has ordered the whole women and girls to abide by the Islamic sharia teaching, if they are calling themselves integral parts of Islamic Ummah and members of Islamic society. Hijab and chastity are a divine obligation and can restore immunity, honor and dignity to the Muslims. In our country, during the past atheistic regimes, particularly, the communist regimes’ black period, immodesty and indecency had become rampant in most cities of Afghanistan, but, with the fall of the communist regime, women in the cities wore burqas and observed the Islamic hijab and modesty and hijab prevailed over immodesty. But with America’s invasion of the country, lack of hijab and unveiled women and girls, once again spread and decreased in most of the cities of Afghanistan and moral corruption, prostitution, indecency and vices in the country were on the rise. Now that it has been almost three years, the Islamic Emirate system has been ruling in the country, with each passing moment, we see positive developments and changes, and a lot of good fortune has been included in the situation of the nation and the honorable and dignified ladies of the country also attach great importance to hijab in most parts of the cities and observe this duty of the Almighty Allah to some extent. However, there are still some women who do not value this divine obligation in some parts of the cities and fearlessly wander on the roads, alleys and back alleys. Undoubtedly, hijab is a pride and honor. By wearing the Islamic hijab, women and girls enjoy good immunity and on the other hand, they also receive a high reward from Allah Almighty, the Lord of the worlds. So, it is essential for women and girls to observe this Divine obligation and pay attention to hijab and chastity before the actions of the personnel of the Ministry of Order to Virtue and Prohibition Vice. Because women with hijab have a high position in the sacred religion of Islam and in the presence of Allah Almighty and they have a special importance and value. Also, it is a duty for the men to value their chastity and dignity and refrain from going after naughty women and girls and avoid getting involved in prostitution. The Ministry of Order to Virtue and Prohibition from Vice and other relevant organs, along with reforming women and girls, should also reform men who engage in immorality and the relevant personnel of the ministry should discipline men with bad morals in the first step and in case of violation, they should punish them, so that women and girls can be saved from the evil of corrupt individuals so that they can go to education and their daily work and live in secure atmosphere with a peace of mind.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.