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NUG welcomes political parties’ programmatic approaches, plans if in accordance to law

KABUL: In a statement issued by the government regarding formation of ‘Afghanistan National Great Coalition’ says the National Unity Government (NUG) welcomes programmatic approaches, suggestions and plans by political parties, coalitions and civil society, provided they’re in accordance to the law and wishes of the people.
“In the last four years, the NUG has always consulted Jihadi and political groups, on different matters of national importance and will continue to do so on current political issues. During these consultations, it has always been highlighted that coalitions and issue-based political alliances can help shape and implement important national programs,” the statement said.
The statement added: “Given the current circumstances, elections, peace and reconciliation are top priorities of the NUG.The government, therefore, gives utmost importance to achieving consensus between the government and political parties and strongly believes that constructive ideas and proposals by these groups can help the government and the people to achieve critical national objectives.”
“In order to achieve the mentioned objectives and broaden the political spectrum, we need strategic patience, inclusive perspective, positive competition, and a level playing field and the people of will judge our progress vis-a-vis peace and elections, and their judgment will be lessons learned for all of us,” the statement added.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.