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NUG leaders pay tribute to bravery, sacrifices of ANDSF in war on terror

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah attended and addressed a ceremony commemorating the national day of Armed Forces and paid tribute to the sacrifices of Afghan National Security and Defense Forces (ANDSF) in the war against insurgency, saying Afghan forces are fighting on the frontline of the battle for international peace and security.
“Once again, I want to assure the people of Afghanistan that the dignity and status of the Afghan forces will not be compromised under any circumstances,” President Ghani said. “Afghan forces are the assets of the nation. If someone wants to damage and destroy this asset, he does not belong to this country.”
President Ghani said that no political change and political agreement will uandermine the sacrifices and gains of the brave security forces,” the president added.
“Peace will come, because there is no justification for war. I call on the Taliban to bring at least one reason that their war is legitimate. What the Taliban is fighting for? You are fighting against whom? The national unity government provides you the opportunity to talk to the world. If you want an office, we will give it to you, you cannot come out from the blacklist without our approval,” President Ghani said.
“What are your ties with Pakistan?” President Ghani asked, referring to Taliban-Pakistan ties.The president thanked Afghanistan international partners who fought shoulder to shoulder with the Afghan security forces.
Offering his gratitude to the families of soldiers, the president said they were real owners of the country because they faced the real threat and offered real sacrifice. “Because of your sacrifices, millions of Afghans are living in peace.”
Directing security forces to be ready for possible attacks, the president said, “the most severe moment in a war comes when peace approaches.”
Meanwhile, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah also addressed the ceremony and warned Taliban will be responsible for continuation of war and bloodshed in the country if they do not take the advantage of the current opportunity – for peace.
“We support the ongoing efforts for peace,” Dr. Abdullah said. “I want make it clear that Taliban should not use the opportunity for their propaganda or portray that now they (Taliban) are part of the issue, or once again prepare for military activities and come and prolong the war. Taliban should not take it like that,” he said.
Dr. Abdullah said that all in the country should undertake their responsibility to protect the civilian lives.
”Unfortunately, this year civilian casualties have been high. Although main responsibility goes to the opponent side, but we also ask our security leaders to pay attention to the issue” he said.
Acting Minister of Defense Assadullah Khalid, who also addressed the event, said Afghanistan’s achievements in the past 18 years are the result of sacrifices of Afghan forces and that the gains must be protected in the peace process. “We support a peace process where the gains of the past two decades and sacrifices of the armed forces are valued,” said Khalid.
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