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NSA Mohib praises Pak minister for exposing support to Taliban

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib praised Pakistan’s interior minister for admitting that the group leaders are living in Pakistani cities and that their wounded fighters receiving treatments there.

“I commend Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid for exposing Pakistani support to Taliban. We need more brave Pakistanis to speak out against the onslaught on Afghanistan.”

This comes as Pakistani interior minister said Sunday that the families of Afghanistan’s Taliban live in his country, including in areas around the capital, Islamabad, and that members of the insurgent group receive medical treatment in local hospitals.

The admission by Sheikh Rashid Ahmed came during an interview aired by a privately-owned Pakistani television channel, Geo News.

“Taliban families live here, in Pakistan, in Rawat, Loi Ber, Bara Kahuh and Tarnol,” Rashid told the Urdu-language network citing the names of Islamabad suburbs. “Sometimes their dead bodies arrive and sometimes they come here in hospitals to get medical treatment,” he said.

This is a significant departure from Islamabad’s consistent rejection of allegations leveled by Afghan leaders that the Taliban use Pakistani soil to direct and sustain insurgent activities in Afghanistan.


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