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NPC approves 19 contracts worth 11.9 billion Afghanis

KABUL: The National Procurement Commission’s (NPC) 173rdsession was held with Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah on the chair here yesterday and approved 19 out of 21 procurement contracts worth 11.9 billionAfghanis, a statement from the office of the president said.
According to the statement, the approved contracts included procurement and installation of Radar systems, reconstruction of surrounding Archi irrigation canals in Kunduz province, reconstruction of Charikar roads, reconstruction of building, electricity and sewer system of Paktia’s governor house, construction of wall related to Hamid Karzai International Airport, procurement of oil for maintenance of Salang Pass, reconstruction of Domanda Mangal-Qalandar road of Khost Province, recruitment of evaluator for new Salang Pass’s advisory project, construction of 27 police checkpoints in Ghazni province, procurement of essential for Ministry of Interior’s vehicles, procurement of meat for 101 Asmayee military zone and purchasing of wood for Spin Ghar 303 military zone.
The session also approved Breshna Sherkat’s procurement proposal for purchasing of essentials to Ghorband 20KV electricity project.
The NPC session also approved Ministry of Defense proposals for price corrections of some projects and extending the deadline of the maintenance projects for border and civil order forces but instructed the ministry to process the needed medicines through state to state projects, the statement said.
The session rejected other three projects related to Kabul Municipality on increasing the prices of three types of oil, Ministry of Interior’s procurement of non-good items and construction of Chah-Anjeer-Greshk road due to technical issues.
The NPC meeting also discussed the Real Time Data Management project of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology, saying the project would be approved if the ministry’s concern on the issue has been removed, the statement added.
Meanwhile the session approved National Procurement Authority’s request for transportation of vehicles from Hairatan port to Kabul city, which was earlier agreed with Uzbekistan.
The meeting was attended by international and national observers, representatives of Parliament, Integrity Watch Afghanistan, SIGAR and Resolute Support Mission, the statement concluded.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.