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NPC approves 18 procurement contracts including road construction projects

KABUL: Presided over by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the meeting of National Procurement Commission (NPC) was held Tuesday evening at presidential palace.
In the meeting, 20 procurement contracts were reviewed as a result of which 18 contracts worth more than 7.5 billion afghani were approved by the commission.
The request for modification of the contract ‘time extension with increase in cost’, the second lot of the project for construction of four sub-stations of power transmission and distribution networks in Pashtun Zarghun, Obee, Karukh and Chisht-e-Sharif districts of Herat Province was approved.
Meanwhile, the contract for procurement of STM1 internet service required by Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) and procurement of 12 MB of Internet required by Civil Service Institute through Fiber Optic in principle was approved by NPC.
Request for contract modification of the project ‘time extension with increase in cost and modification in the content of the contract’ for rehabilitation of water distribution network in Charikar city of Parwan Province; related to the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, verified on the condition to existence of budget was approved.
Moreover; the report on the implementation of previous NPC instructive decisions on procurement of blood bank consuming items and procurement of medical equipment; required by Aino Mena Hospital in Kandahar Province; was also approved by NPC.
In the meeting, the ministry of mines and petroleum presented the report on bidding process of Jabal-e-Saraj cement project and Herat Cement project, which were approved by NPC and the respective ministry was entrusted to comprehensively evaluate the technical and financial aspects of the bidding company.
Moreover; the request for approval of the contract for construction of three-story building with its related facilities for Bahar Abaad‘s high school in Behsood district of Nangarhar Province; related to the ministry of education was reviewed and it was decided to handover the management of the project to the ministry of urban development and land.
Implementation of NPC decisions on the contract for air transportation ‘round trip’ of 30350 Afghan pilgrims from Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia kingdom in the year of 1398 solar year, was reviewed by NPC and it was decided that both airways (Ariana Afghan & Kam Air airlines) will equally transfer the Afghan pilgrims to Saudi Arabia.
During discussion on the projects, the country’s President stressed on comprehensive oversight of the project implementation and NPC and the ministry of transport were entrusted to review the status of the companies that work with the ministry and report it to NPC.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.