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Non-biometric votes not worth counting

Successfully holding parliamentary elections, could be called the main pillar of democracy in Afghanistan—a country torn apart by long war and violence.
Although, in some provinces, parliamentary poll was not launched simultaneously with the process conducted in Kabul and majority of the country’s provinces, due to fear of insecurity and some certain reasons, but this should be mentioned that the people of Afghanistan took another firm step towards the institutionalization of democracy, by going to the polling stations and voting for their favorite candidates.
Millions of Afghans in long queues before the polling centers, highlighted their strong determination to say “No to warlordism and feudalism” and welcome democracy, as a foundation stone to build their future, in the wake of grave militants’ threats.
Recently, the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) has announced votes with no bio-metric would be invalid, which was opposed by the Independent Election Commission (IEC.)
The IECC said possibility of fraud in the poll with no biometric was stronger than those used through the smart-devices.
On the other, complaints rose that some warlords and powerful individuals have staffed ballot boxes, with no-biometric, even they have damaged or thrown away the devices during the process.
The Independent Election Commission (IEC) persists that invalidation of non-biometric votes was not in the authority of the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission, while the existential philosophy of the organization would go under question, in case non-biometric votes were not invalidated.
Likewise, the House of People, with an overwhelming majority of the members have called for not counting the votes with no bio-metric.
The IEC cannot do anything beyond its authority and according to the law, it is responsible to distinguish between black and white votes, as the people of Afghanistan want transparency in the process and want their real representatives reach the house.
The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, with Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in person has also announced that it just supported a fair, general and free-fraud parliamentary elections, and would stand against any illegal powers to bring under question the transparency of the process in the country.
Indeed, if non-biometric votes were counted, a move which is against the real demand of millions of voters, then the lost trust of the people will never return and the IEC honesty and fairness would be damaged forever.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.