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No system successful unless supported nationally

The most important thing in a government’s success is the support of people and without the cooperation of the nation, a government cannot rule and step towards progress and development. The truth is that the government is not a commander for the nation, but it is the servant of the people and as the government is a service provider for the nation, it is necessary for everyone to support and defend it. The Islamic definition of the Emirati system is the same and if there is no intention and feeling of serving and caring for the people, then ruling over them and winning their support is nearly impossible. Indeed, when a government has sincerity, piety, and honesty, considers serving the nation only for the sake of Allah’s reward and pleasure, understands their important needs and uses its utmost efforts to address their challenges, then the people have to support it. But, when the nation sees that the officials have become selfish and involved in their own business and neglected the needs of the people are not ready to provide them with the necessary services and do not care about security, justice and judiciary, then the people will never be ready to support the ruling system. Because a paralyzed system in which its healthcare and education system cannot meet the needs of the nation and relevant officials use the treasury for their own purposes, then undoubtedly, such government cannot attract the people’s cooperation and it will fail in its affairs as soon as possible. For example, in our country, when former Afghan King (Amir) Amanullah Khan gained popularity, a good name and the title of Ghazi by declaring independence and gaining great honor for the people of Afghanistan, but when he came to power, he paid no attention to the values and demands of the people, causing dissatisfaction among the people. The nation, finally, stood against him and his government, and eventually, the powerful Amani Emirate was overthrown in a short time by the people. This means that no government can resist the public hostility and disobedience of the nation, therefore, every system and all leaders have to pay attention to the people’s willing and demands. In the current situation, the available tools of intelligence and propaganda have made it very easy for anyone to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs. Therefore, if the number of angry and dissident people increases inside the country due to lack of attention by the officials, it is undeniable that all of them will join the enemy and turn to a critical headache for the system and cause mayhem and disturbance across the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.