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No security threat from Afghanistan to region

Criticisms from some countries alleging the Islamic Emirate of failing to ignore women rights are baseless and the international community should enter a good engagement with the Islamic system. Russia, which the Islamic Emirate calls one of Afghanistan’s close political friends, has unrealistically asserted that armed groups from Afghanistan were a major threat to the security of Central Asian countries. The Russian Federation’s Defense Minister has said that they were concerned about the Central Asian nations’ security being threated from Afghanistan, where they, without any exact report, said that armed militants had a physical presence in the country. The Russian authorities should understand that over the last nearly two years of the Islamic Emirate resumption of power, there has been no security threat from Afghanistan to the regional and world countries. They have no documents to show that any of the parts of the country has become a threat to the regional, neighboring, or any of the world countries. Fear or feeling threat by the regional countries from the ISIS militants, in Afghanistan, is untrue and empty of truths, as the militants and their hideouts have already been eliminated and their sporadic activities are being tracked down everywhere in the country. The vicious group or any of their associates have no chance to pose threat to the people of the country or any of the regional nations. The Islamic Emirate security forces will never allow anyone to use Afghanistan soil against other countries, but the regional and the neighboring countries’ authorities should also remain observant of their borders and do not allow subversive groups to enter Afghanistan. As the Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate recently said, unfortunately, a number of recent security incidents have been launched by foreign nationals in Afghanistan. So the regional countries should also fulfill their responsibilities before both their nations and the Afghan people by preventing armed groups entrance of Afghanistan. As a responsible government, the Islamic Emirate will not allow anyone to disturb the security of the country or the neighbors or any other regional countries. On the other side, a fact-based and effective engagement that finally leads to the recognition of the Islamic Emirate would help both sides to overcome any subversive activities across the region and the world and the international community should not miss the opportunity to stand alongside the Islamic Emirate in fighting any elements behind insecurity, at the national and international levels. Any assertions and claims by any of the neighboring, regional and world countries should, hereinafter, be based on facts and realities as this would help track down and identify any vicious elements and bring them to justice. On the other side, mere claims and imposing baseless allegations would undeniably damage relations between the two sides

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.