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No rebellion allowed under Islamic system

Afghanistan is now enjoying full security, as a central Sharia-based Islamic system has been re-established and the people of Afghanistan are peacefully traveling around the country. No hideouts of terrorists are now in Afghanistan and no insurgents’ activity are seen in any part of the country. On the other hand, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has assured that the country’s territory will never be used against other countries. Here, all the hideouts of Daesh, which have been trained during the previous administration, have been destroyed and the time for rebellion, insurgency and armed opposition is now over. So, no one is allowed to declare a rebellion in the thirty-four provinces of the country. He is the defender and this is the reason why now every individual feels the security of his/her life, religion, honor, property and independence and besides this everyone considers himself obligated to defend and protect the Islamic system in accordance with his/her conscience and responsibility. This is the main secret of the current security and stability. Anyway, this can be noted that any rumor about the existence of terrorist groups which are fueled by the enemy of peace and security of Afghanistan is against reality and completely malicious. This is evident that now the reason why there is no armed group to fight the Islamic system countrywide, is that there is no theft, robbery, bribery or any other destructive and subversive activities to frustrate people as did during the past republic systems. However, some uncountable events happen occasionally as in many other developed countries. Those vicious groups who want to create turbulence, and disturb security and public orders merely to receive a handful of money from their foreign backers, would absolutely be persecuted, arrested and brought to justice. So, we want the realities of the post-republic regimes (after the Islamic Emirate’s power resumption) in Afghanistan, not to be ignored and the regional and neighboring countries, which are being pushed towards instability by certain world powers, should understand the fact that Afghanistan has now been a free-terrorist country and no rebellion or uprising is allowed to act against the Islamic system and nations beyond borders. This is to be noted that the Islamic Emirate forces are firm in suppressing all types of militancy across the country as they did over the last nearly three years after it took power in mid-August 2021. The international community, if wants a stable, secure and peaceful Afghanistan, the outcome of which would benefit the region and the Islamic Emirate to be a frontrunner against terrorist groups, then, it should support the current system. This is not only the demand of the Islamic Emirate, but, the demand of the entire Afghans, neighboring countries and the regional nation as well.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.