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No reason to delay Jam Minaret consolidation: Minister Zuhair

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: There is no reason to delay the consolidation of the Minaret of Jam, Minister of Information and Culture, Mohammad Tahir Zuhair said the other day.
In a meeting of the National Committee for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments during the armed conflict held at the ministry conference hall to expedite the process of consolidating the Minaret of Jam, the acting minister noted: “It is not justifiable and acceptable and no reason to delay the consolidation process of the minaret.”
The Acting Minister, as quoted by Bakhtar Information Agency emphasized on the explanation of the process of consolidation of the Minaret of Jam and added that in the last 40 years, the minaret has suffered a lot and the Ministry of Information and Culture made serious plan under the guidance of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to strengthen the minaret.
The acting minister shared information with the members of the meeting about the start of the work on the strengthening of the minaret and said that the process was expected to start by the beginning of this year, but it is yet to start, the agency quoted.
“If UNESCO is not willing to act, then it should officially inform the Ministry of Information and Culture so that we can go to alternative donors,” the agency quoted him as saying.
He went on as saying if the minaret work does not start this year, it is feared to lose the support and financial resources of the Aliph Foundation then there will be no other money to use for the work. He stressed that there was no reason for the delay in consolidation of the minaret and the main reason for the delay was security issues, but it is not justified. “The expectation of the Ministry of Information and Culture, the people, the people’s representatives, the president of the country is that the work on strengthening the minaret should start as soon as possible.”
Meantime, the Director of the UNESCO spoke at the meeting via video conference, citing security problems and the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic as the reason for the delay of the work on the Minaret of Jam, and noted that after reviewing the technical board, the work of strengthening the minaret of jam will begin.
The UNESCO Director said that they wanted to install a measuring device that could detect the movement of the minaret and that long-term plans will be drawn up accordingly, the agency quoted.
The Minaret of Jam was feared to collapse after it inclined during natural disasters in the country’s ancient Ghor province.

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