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No one can decide on Afghans fates, except own legal system

The Taliban and U.S.’s representatives are reportedly said to hold next round of peace talks in Qatar, instead of the recently scheduled in the Saudi Arabia.
The two sides would directly talk about how to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan.
According to reports, a Taliban peace member, on condition of anonymity, the meeting would be directly held between the U.S. and Taliban representatives for the second time, however no still exact report, if the militants would set around a negotiation table with the peace envoys of the government of Afghanistan or not.
Earlier, late on December, both sides held a peace meeting in the UAE’s Abu Dhabi, and few months ago, in Moscow, with later attended by the Afghan peace negotiators, as well.
The Taliban representatives, contrary to Afghan traditions and peace norms, did not negotiate with the representatives of the government of Afghanistan. While the only side of war and negotiation is only the country’s legal system, not U.S. or other world countries.
But, the militants should realize the fact that no one can decide on the Afghans’ fate unless the legal government and constitutionally elected system.
Afghanistan has long fought, not only against insurgency and terror, but also for the human rights, women rights and freedom of expression and thought. All would be ignored and violated, if the Taliban wanted to only sit with other countries, apart from the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
Or on the other hand, they never can reach a peace deal if the government’s representatives were not the key stakeholders.
But, this should be made clear that no peace deal would get success in Afghanistan, if not led, managed and possessed by the government and the Afghans themselves.
The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has time and again announced that peace door was open to any of those oppositions who want to give up arms and reintegrate. They can take part in the government, through the legal process.
Any of those willing to join peace talks, and in the next step, take part in the country’s reconstruction process, can represent Afghans, by being elected as the members of the country’s house of people and senate and can be appointed as members of the cabinet, if eligible.
But, those ignoring the main interests of the Afghans and the country’s legal system, they are not real Afghans, but those only working for aliens and are spying for aliens’ intelligence agencies.
So, the people of Afghanistan are impatiently waiting for peace and security and want a permanent end to the long conflict, mayhem and chaos in their country—but through a comprehensive Afghan led dialogue, not via foreign sources which can’t represent the war suffered Afghans.
The government of Afghanistan has firm plan for peace talks with any of the government oppositions, and rejects any negotiations, without the role of the government of Afghanistan.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.