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No one allowed to arbitrarily excavate roads, pavements for urban services

KABUL: Kabul Mayor has blamed some networks for damaging most of the urban facilities in the country’s capital city and said that no one would be allowed for arbitrary excavation, the municipality said on its Twitter page, the other day.Kabul Mayor Mawlavi Abdul Rashid has discussed amendments to the excavations rule for urban areas with representatives of Colonization and Water Supply Authority for further protection of urban facilities, the municipality twitted.  “Water, electricity and internet providers, as well as other service suppliers, had already destroyed urban facilities, especially roads and pavements, through arbitrary excavation,” the municipality wrote on its Twitter handle.  The municipality stressed the need for the implementation of the excavation regulation to pave the way for greater coordination betweenofficials of the relevant bodies and the municipality. According to the municipality’s tweet, the representatives of the Canalization and Water Supply Authority promised coordination with the municipality on the protection of urban facilities. Urban service providers are legally bound to get authorization from the Kabul Municipality for implementing their projects to the required standards and rebuild the excavated areas. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.