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No militancy in Afghanistan, reports inaccurate

In his recent assertions, Russian envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov, said that the number of the so-called IS militants has recently risen in Afghanistan.
Russian Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Director of the Foreign Ministry’s Second Asian Department Zamir Kabulov has recently briefed media that the size of the Islamic State terrorist group has reached about 6,000 fighters.
He said that tentatively, the number of militants affiliated with IS or Deash has approximately reached 6,000 militants.
“If you recall, after the Taliban came to power and their harsh actions with regards to the IS militants, their number was about over 2,000, so even with a rough guess this is a threefold increase. Before the Taliban came to power, there had been over 10,000 IS militants,” he added.
Russia has repeatedly made the claim, but with no proof, as they just believe in inaccurate reports from some certain spiteful circles against the Islamic system.
Russian’s Kabulov has stated this based on inaccurate reports, because Afghanistan is not the country, which was before the return of the Islamic Emirate to power last year.
Those claiming that Afghanistan has turned into terrorist activities, are just acting based on false reports or seeking pretexts to reach their own interests.
The Islamic Emirate allows no militants; either from the so-called IS or other anti-system groups, to disturb security in the country or use Afghanistan as their hideouts and its territory against other countries.
This is correct that Afghanistan is facing serious financial problems, after the U.S. imposed sanctions and froze its assets, but it doesn’t mean that financial problem is as high as it cannot act against anti-government militants.
The Islamic Emirate, in cooperation with the people has deteriorated many hideouts of the militants and has a firm plan to uproot the vicious phenomenon everywhere in the country.
So, there is a need for the honest cooperation of the international community, particularly the regional and neighboring countries to cooperate with Afghanistan to root out all elements behind insecurity and instability across the shared borders with the neighboring countries, instead of emboldening false reports.
The Islamic Emirate is committed to all Doha agreements and would never allow terrorist groups threat other countries from Afghanistan, but the world, particularly the neighboring and regional countries should realize the facts of the Afghan society and do not act based on false reports about the existence of irresponsible armed groups in the country.
The security and defense forces of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan are now capable to suppress all elements of insecurity including IS or any other insurgents and that world should be confident that Afghanistan is now a free terrorist country.

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