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No IEA member using public property as Hajj expenses

All members and authorities of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) who have left for Saudi Arabia to attend Hajj pilgrimage used their personal expenses not public property, a religious scholar and political analyst said.
“No public property is misused by the authorities of the Islamic Emirate who recently attended the holy religious ceremony. All left for Makkah al-Mukarramah with their own personal expenses,” Abdul Haqq Hammad, a prominent political analyst told The Kabul Times.
Expressing pleasure over countrywide sure security, he said that in the past, the Islamic Emirate’s members and authorities have been banned from joining the holy pilgrimage. “These people [the authorities of the IEA] have been in restriction over the past 20 years and couldn’t join the holy pilgrimage. Performing Hajj was obligatory on most of them, but couldn’t participate, the ceremony,” he said.
Now, the ways are open and Allah, the Almighty brought a prosperity helping all eligible personalities to leave for Hajj, he said adding all authorities left for Hajj, have appointed their successors until their return and no disruption would come into the daily affairs of the government offices.
“All related affairs are ongoing normally in the government agencies,” Hammad assured.
He went as saying the Hajj process was announced accidental and there was no early preparation about the pilgrimage. All affairs were arranged properly, and the authorities of Hajj and Islamic Affairs could successfully manage the entire affairs.
It was only 27 days to start the flights, Hammad continued. “During the limited time, implementation of all Hajj related affairs including their visas, transferring all Hajis to Saudi Arabia, providing them with food there etc. was not possible in such restricted time, but, in accordance with their commitments, the Islamic Emirate officials worked days and nights to complete the transition process successfully.”
Few days ago, the last flight arrived in Jaddah, by which up to 13,582 Hajj pilgrims have been transferred, he added.
However, this year, it took higher costs for an Afghan Haji (pilgrim) comparing to the past, because of high prices in Saudi Arabia, according to him.
The prices have become double and trifold there. “For example; expenses in Mina, Muzdalifa and Arafat were between 1,600 to 2,000 Saudi Rial, but the prices have reached to up to 6,000 Rial this year, the same other things.”
Hammad assured that Afghans, compared to other countries and the neighboring countries, have been provided with better facilities, which is a good achievement for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) and hoped the process of Hajj pilgrimage to complete successfully.
Nik Mohammad Nikmal

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