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No human rights abuse in Afghanistan

Human Right Watch (HRW) has recently released a statement claiming that human rights have critically been violated in Afghanistan.
The new statement issued by the (HRW) claimed that the level of human rights abuse under the Islamic Emirate, was on the rise.
The report also, claimed that some certain individuals have been killed innocently by the Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, in some parts of the country.
Also, the (HRW) called for some specific action by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in response to what it said a rising level of abuse against women and girls in Afghanistan.
The statement said the travel ban exemptions that are currently in place for fourteen members of the authorities of the Islamic Emirate will expire in June this year and called for not only ending the exception but, “considering whether there might be a need for travel ban against additional individuals.”
This should be noted the report has been made based on false claims by some certain individuals or malicious circles and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) rejects it strongly.
The Human Rights Watch (HRW) report on the killing of innocent people or violations of human rights across Afghanistan, is incorrect and baseless.
As spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Zabihullah Mujahid said, Afghans are now provided with better human rights values than any other period in the country.
The UN and human rights advocate agencies should not be listen to the propaganda against the Islamic Emirate. They must deeply consider the real issues and accept the truth in Afghanistan.
They should consider issues based on truth and see that how human rights are respected in comparison to the past 20 years in Afghanistan.
On the other hand, if we cost a glance at the human values under various systems of the worlds, we can find that human rights, particularly women and girls rights are secured in Afghanistan better than other countries.
Women are still going to their jobs, particularly in the government agencies and are receiving their salaries regularly.
Girls under seven grades are going to schools and talk for those above six grade is underway to help them rejoin their classes.
Women, in many parts of the country are provided with business ground and they are now offering their handicrafts and other handmade pieces to their special markets provided by the Islamic Emirate.
Likewise, any country has its own culture and tradition. The Islamic Emirate wants a dignified life for the entire Afghans, including women and girls. The honorable life differs from others in the world. Have we blamed a western or European woman or girl for their style of dressing and clothing or their own culture? Never.
So, no one has the right to blame the Afghans for what they are doing. They are observing their own noble culture in accordance with the Islamic teachings.
Wearing hijab or burqa is not only an Islamic value for women and is not only something could be used under the Islamic orders but also, an Afghan tradition and valued culture of long background in the 5,000 years history of the country.
The Islamic Emirate has not forced anyone to be fully burqa clad.
Also no one has so far been reported killed innocently by the Mujahidin and any claim in this regard is baseless and the (UN) and other rights advocates should not believe in them.
There are only some malicious approaches by some certain circles inside and outside the country, inaccurately reporting human rights violation in Afghanistan.
The Islamic Emirate is committed to human rights and wants to remain a key member of the United Nations in observing human values, better than other nations in the world.

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