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No halt in counterterrorism efforts

Efforts have been made to initiate peace process, end the world worst terrorism war and engage the Taliban militants with the government of Afghanistan so that to bring welfare and stability to the war-torn country.
The United States and Taliban insurgent signed an agreement on February 29, 2020, aiming to curb the high level of violence and totally end war in Afghanistan, however, the security challenges remained, and the Taliban turned to a big headache for both US and Afghan government. The truth is that the Doha-Agreement became part of problem now, since it has changed to a source of tension rather that lasting peace.
The Doha agreement has given an international dignity to the Taliban team. They can travel formally and visit their supporters’ countries now. Meanwhile the agreement provided ground support for the Taliban and the group could release their dangerous prisoners.
The Taliban has also continued violence rather than announcing ceasefire, thousands of civilian people martyred and forced many to flee the country and finally the fundamentalist group could dream regain controlling the country by military power, after withdrawal of US forces.
Indeed, a peaceful Afghanistan is a win-win opportunity for the Taliban and the Afghan republic supporters.  For the Afghans do not like quarrel anymore; wishing to live in peace with others.
Regrettably it is more than two decades that the Taliban paved a dangerous path for Terrorism. They used their political platform to misplace blame that resulted in a devastating loss of human life. They focused on the differences instead of equality. They focused on abstraction instead of inclusion. They focused on singular individuals instead of citizens as a whole.
Addressing an event on Tuesday at the presidential palace, President Ghani said that Taliban have been behind one billion USD loss to Afghanistan infrastructures. “Let’s not forget that Taliban’s activities have caused $ 1 billion damage to Afghanistan’s infrastructure. I tell them why do you destroy? If you cannot build and do not have a positive plan, at least avoid destruction,” the president said.
The President called on the Taliban to plant “flowers” and “wheat” and take part in the country’s development instead of exploding mines and carrying out destructive actions.
“The republic adjuration is hidden in the transparency of our services, ethics and commitments. We should join hand to show to the world that the test has been coming and we would pass this exam,” the president added.
Taliban’s all assertion for their bloodshed campaigns have been proved wrong, since they have never shown true will for peace and stability in the country. Despite of announcement made regarding foreign troops withdrawal from the country, the group didn’t attend Istanbul Conference, which clearly shows that they are only wiling power and never think about the country’s development and people’s welfare.
Therefore, considering Taliban’s recent stance regarding peace in the country, the regional and global powers should re-think about their counterterrorism approaches, as Taliban are no longer trusted and the group changing shape every day. If the group’s ties with other foreign terrorist networks are ignored, the country and region will once again turn into safe havens for their destructive activities which would be the biggest threat to global security.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.