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No conspiracy weakens relations between Afghanistan and China

History affirms that diplomatic relation between Afghanistan and China dates back to the 18th century, when Ahmad Shah Durrani ruled the country, while trade relations between the two nations date back to at least the Han dynasty with the profitable Silk Road. China has long treated and is still treating Afghanistan with sincerity as the two countries are linked however by impassible mountains and water and the two nations’ destinies are connected with each other, as indicated, by the thousands of years of traditional friendly exchanges between the Chinese and Afghan people continue to this day. This is why the people of Afghanistan always say China is the only major country that has never harmed Afghanistan, while, some certain countries are not ready to even treat them under migration law. As a good neighbor, a good brother and a good partner, the People’s Republic of China has always cherished the traditional friendship between the two nations and has long announced that it was ready to provide assistance to the Afghan people. Unlike some neighboring countries like Pakistan, China has always said it has respected Afghanistan’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, the independent choices made by the Afghan people, and the religious beliefs and ethnic customs. China has never interfered in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, has never sought any private interests in Afghanistan, and has never sought the so-called sphere of influence. China provided millions of Yuan in food, medicine, winter supplies and other assistance for the Afghan people to survive the harsh winter, as well as emergency humanitarian aid at the earliest possible time. So, relations between the two countries are growing as strong as no plot, conspiracy or any other subversive attempt can damage. This is clear that what happened a few months ago, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, where five Chinese and one Pakistani national were killed, was the result of the intelligence and security failure of the neighboring country itself, but it started accusing Afghanistan of being behind the deadly attack. Pakistan’s repeated claim against Afghanistan is aimed at creating distrust between Afghanistan and China and as the Islamic Emirate’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid believed, the main goal of Pakistani authorities to frequently blame Afghanistan for being behind the attack on Chinese citizens, is only an attempt to create distrust between Kabul and Beijing while the issue has nothing to do with Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate has long announced that no part of Afghanistan would be used against any other countries, especially, Pakistan and that the neighboring country should ensure its own security instead of blaming others, as they can never find any evidence to prove that militancy is harbored or sent to their country. This is clear that targeting Chinese nationals in Pakistan is an issue relating to the Pakistani security institutions and an issue that has nothing to do with Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate has long denied fueling any insurgency inside the neighboring country, as this is clear that Pakistan’s stability is in the interest of Afghanistan, but Islamabad still persists in its wrong stance against Afghanistan meaning that it does not want good relations to continue between the two countries. Pakistan has never provided proof to show that Afghanistan was behind insecurities in any parts of the neighboring country’s territory, so, this accusation can never harm relations between the Islamic Emirate and China. So, Pakistani politicians should avoid releasing inaccurate reports about Afghanistan and publishing statements far from reality and if want to seriously fight insurgencies across the two countries’ borders, they should share honest cooperation with the Islamic Emirate, first and then jointly uproot all insecurity elements, instead of seeking conspiracy and disturbing relations.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.