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No change seen in Taliban’s position regarding peace, Dr. Abdullah

KABUL: Chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in a meeting with senior officials of the country’s media organizations held yesterday at Sapidar Palace said that there was no priority superior than peace in the country as Afghans have suffered continued catastrophe and pain for the past 40 years and lost numerous opportunities; therefore, all wanted lasting and fair peace in the country.
Regarding peace efforts, chief executive said that the main obstacle to reach peace was Taliban’s position, adding that no change has been made in vision and position of the Taliban, a group that wanted to strengthen its position by wasting the time.
He further said that a large number of Afghans had common vision regarding peace in the country, but unfortunately the government has not been able to create consensus among the big class of the people.
Abdullah said that one of regional countries is seeking a puppet or weak government in Afghanistan, but other countries do not want return of Taliban to power in the country.
Referring to dispersion among Afghan politicians, Abdullah warned that the Taliban would benefit from the situation.
He warned that countries with evil intention would succeed if there is no national consensus in Afghanistan on how to deal with the Taliban.
Pointing to reports of US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, the country’s chief executive said that part of the forces would possibly leave, but it would not mean “doomsday”, adding that the burden of most of fighting and maintaining of security was on shoulders of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF).
However, chief executive said there was a possibility that the number of foreign forces would decline but no such instructions have been given so far. He added that the foreign forces would one day leave Afghanistan and it was up to the Afghans to prepare themselves for such a scenario and the government should stand on its own feet with the support of the Afghan people. Chief executive also by pointing to suggestion of interim government said those who are advancing the idea believe that the possible interim government’s leadership would be the same as it was in post 2001.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.