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‘No amendment in constitution for peace talks’

Second vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danesh said that the constitution would not be amended as a pre-condition of peace talks. Addressing a meeting on “Challenges and Solutions of Peace”, VP Danesh added, no doubt the constitution has certain shortages and according to experience of the last 18 years, the constitution requires amendment and it should be accomplished in a suitable time and through legal channels, neither as a pre-condition for peace nor due to its inadaptability with Taliban ideas.
Danesh clarified that the Afghan government has not been defeated in war on Taliban and doesn’t plea for peace. Every peace agreement should take place within the constitution and political system of the country. Every peace plan that result in marginalizing of current political system and abrogation of the constitution, would once again lead Afghanistan to another instability, insecurity and even wars and violences.
Danesh added, we expect near and far countries who are involved in Afghan peace process, to have positive, constructive and facilitating role but not to decide instead of the Afghan people. The regional countries should also don’t think that this time impose another proxy war under the name of peace on Afghanistan.
Calling Taliban responsible for killing of people and destroying of the infrustructions of the country, Danesh said, Taliban have introduced Afghanistan as the center of global terrorism to the world people. Taliban have eliminated the unity of people and annihilated culture and history of the country.
Second sVP clarified that the constitution is based on Islam religion and the government also represents the people. Danesh called the Taliban as the major reason of ISIS emerging and said, it were the Taliban who misinterpreted Islam.
During Moscow meeting, the Taliban had called current political system and the constitution un-Islamic. The Taliban had claimed that Afghan constitution has been copied from western laws and imposed on Afghan people by westerners. Therefore this constituent lack credibility for them.
Danesh emphasized that current political system, constitution, achievements of the last two decades, freedom of expression, media, access to information, civil society, human and women’s rights are the government Red Line for peace talks and pointed out that the NUG has a plan for restoration of a sustainable peace in the country and for approval of this plan the Loya Jirga would be held soon.
Two weeks ago, president Ghani requested holding of consultative Loya Jirga on peace process. Incharge of holding of consultative Jirga Omer Daudzay said, 30 percent of the loya Jirga participants would be women. In this Jirga, people would talk on peace and at the conclusion of the Jirga, would share the results with the president.
A number of women rights advocates said that an active part should be given to women in these talks. Former IEC Commissioner and women rights activists Soraya Sobhrang said that women active partnership in all stages of peace process is their legal rights. The women should be given the right to determine their future destiny.
She clarified, no deal should take place with our rights and achievements, current political system and constitution should be maintained, election should be held and no dealshould be made with peace. The combination of government negotiation delegation must be changed because peace is impossible without justice and justice without equality.
The government negotiating delegation consists of 11 people including 3 people out of the government. Prior to this, a number of political parties and movements had requested change of the delegation and said that it should be inclusive and broaden with the presence of political parties representatives.
Ms. Sobhrang pointed out that they have shared their demands with the US State Department Special Envoy for Afghan Peace Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad and the latter has welcomed women demands.
Khalilzad added, in the last 17 years, women have played key role in development of Afghanistan, their rights should be respected and their voice should be heard and their progresses must be continued. Their inclusion in intra-Afghan dialogue is essential.
Shukria Kohistani

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