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“Next step on Jaghori & Malistan is to maintain stability,” President Ghani

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with a number of Jaghori and Malistan districts’ elders, influential figures and ordinary people at Salam Khana Palace the other day, the Presidential Palace said in a statement.
At the outset, MoD’s Chief of Army Staff, Major Gen. Mohammad Sharif Yaftali spoke about steps taken in Jaghori and Malistan districts, adding by arriving forces, security has been maintained in the mentioned areas and we plan to establish many outposts there.
He assured the people that there are enough forces to suppress the enemies, according to the statement.
Thanking the president on on-time respond to protesters and immediate steps taken to dispatch forces to Malistan and Jaghori districts, representing participants, Mohammadullah Farzan said the people would always stand by the system and they don’t want to go to back.
He shared the people demands on ensuring security, durable presence of security and defense forces, activation of administrative units in neighboring districts of Malistan and Jaghori, ensuring security of transit routes, transferring of fuel and foodstuff, urgent aids to displaced people, promotion of Jaghori to province and standardization of Jaghori airport.
Afterwards, a presidential advisor Dr. Rasoul Talib thanked the president’s decision on sending a delegation to Jaghori, Malistan and Uruzgan-e-Khas and said the delegation’s reports caused decision to be taken on deploying troops in the mentioned districts.
During the meeting, the president said it was unprecedented in Afghanistan’s history that MoD’s chief of army staff to go to districts, adding our security forces don’t differentiate between one place and another.
The commando forces’ martyrdom in Jaghori indicates our national unity as it is a mean of our prosperousness, the president added.
He clarified that next steps on Jaghori and Malistan districts is to maintain stability and there are necessary instructions and security plans existed for Ghazni and other districts. He stressed that ensuring security of routes are part of our plans.
Instructions have been given on establishing security posts in Jaghori and Malistan districts and works on establishing Bamyan Special Forces are ongoing, the president stated.
He pointed out that instructions have been given on transferring basic items to displaced people and attention has been paid to those injured.
Investing Jaghori and Malistan in education is a key achievement that should be protected, the president said, adding we will work on Jaghori airport’s standardization and decision would be taken on promotion of a number of administrative units to province.
Pointing at terrorist attack in Milad-un-Nabi ceremony in Kabul, the president said it was the first time in our history that holy Quran has been attacked, a heartbroken action that has broken all Shria, moral and thought borders.
‘We can never reconcile with such an enemy and those who have encouraged explosion and suicide culture are responsible behind these horrible moves,’ the president said.
Our society rejects this ominous culture and it is unacceptable to our people, he added. ‘We would ask the international community in Geneva conference to hear the voice of justice and see our ulama and sons’ parts of bodies. Their support is not sufficient and the government that supports such a terrorism must be condemned,’ the president added.

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