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New Year with new chapter in media

After the communist coup of the 7th of Saur (April 27), Afghanistan lost everything and was pushed towards a destructive revolution and a regime change. The revolution lasted for decades and even led to the occupation of Afghanistan by colonial powers and this prolonged revolution and disorder caused Afghanistan to lose everything. Besides the loss of education, military institutions, and the diplomatic apparatus, the country’s media also suffered and was subjected to censorship and even the government of that time took some steps for the destruction of important parts of it, and the media in this long revolution not only lost its quantity but also its quality approached zero. Although with the arrival of the republic regime and the occupation of Afghanistan by the United States, the media seemingly flourished, in reality, there was no quality, especially the state-run media and newspapers lacked substantial and better content. After the takeover of the country by the Islamic Emirate, although many newspapers that were published in the order of foreign forces ceased publication, but the Emirate’s [state-run] newspapers flourished and improved, and with each passing day, they are attracting more readers and found its place in the market. With the arrival of the 1403 solar year, and the initiative and efforts of the Emirate’s Government Dailies Directorate, it was decided that the Emirate’s newspapers, including The Kabul Times, Anis national daily, Shariat daily, Hewad daily, have turned a new page and are published on daily basis, until now, these newspapers were being published twice a week based on their own turn, while in the rest of the days, they were released as online PDF and uploaded on their websites and social media platforms. Therefore, the country’s newspapers are now being published daily with a high circulation and excellent quality, and efforts will be made to reflect the realities, in political, economic and other areas, as well as the achievements of Afghanistan, will be systematically published and provided to the readers. We ask the related organs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to pay serious attention to the state-controlled media and avoid negligence and indifference to support them and take active and practical steps for their growth in order to help them compete with other private and international media.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.