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New technical training section opened at AKVTC

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New technical training section has been opened at Afghan-Korea Vocational Training Center (AKVTC) as the center has increased further efforts to provide better professional trainings to Afghan youths in capital Kabul.
A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for establishment of the section has been signed between officials of ministry of labor, industries association and the AKVTC.
In opening ceremony of the new technical section at the center held the other day, minister of labor, social affairs, martyrs and disabled Faizullah Zaki expressed hope that graduates from the section could address technical problems of manufacturing factories in the country.
“Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled in coordination with AKVTC will first train students for technical and administrative sections as electricity, computer and developed parts of factories,” Zaki said, adding through the section many people will probably get employment.
According to officials to the Afghan-Korea Vocational Training Center (AKVTC), currently hundreds of Afghan youths are engaged in receiving various vocational and professional sections at the respective center.
“Training process of Afghan professional workers and students is underway at the center based on demand of market,” director of AKVTC said, adding nearly 8,000 students including female workers have graduated from the center since 2005.
Meanwhile, deputy of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries KhanjanAlokozay says more technical and professional workers of the country’s manufacturing factories fare foreign citizens, but hoping graduates of the center’s technical section will replace most of them.
Nevertheless, a number of Afghan youths graduating from Afghan-Korea Vocational and Training Center or from higher education institutes are facing with unemployment problem.
“Employment circumstances are critical in Afghanistan as most of those youth graduating from vocational centers even higher education institutes are employed. For example, I’ve graduated from medicine, but I am unemployed,” a medical faculty graduate Habibullah said, asking the government to launch uplift projects so that the people can get job.
In the meantime, a Kabul resident Asmatullah told The Kabul Times: “Receiving vocational training is a need for youth in particular those who are unemployed.”
He added that by receiving training in computer, tailoring, carpentry, electricity and other technical sections Afghan youths can get good-pay jobs and resolve their problems, asking the government of the Republic of Korea to expand such training centers in all provinces of the country so that those living in remote provinces can receive such vocational training.
Afghan experts also believe that ministry of labor, social affairs, martyrs and disabled has the responsibility to provide employment facilities to Afghan youths, adding the ministry should further work in collaboration with donor countries to launch short-term and long-term training courses for Afghan youth so that they can receive vocational and technical courses and through this they can get jobs in the country.
Shukria Kohistani

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