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New progress in Afghanistan peace process

Currently US and Afghan officials’ attention on peace with the Taliban group as new progress is seen in the process. Afghanistan government says a unified and inclusive team is determined to go to Qatar to participate in intra-Afghan dialogue. Both Afghanistan government and the Taliban group have shown readiness for consultative meeting in Doha.
The High Peace Council (HPC) says that Afghanistan is sending a delegation to exchange views with the Taliban group in Qatar.
“For now, an inclusive delegation will go to the Qatari capital on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and exchange views with the Taliban,” said Mohammad Omar Daudzai, President Ashraf Ghani’s envoy for peace and head of High Peace Council’s secretariat.
Daudzai stressed that the delegation will only serve to swap views with the Taliban, and its members would not necessarily be the same as a formal negotiating team. Afghan officials will meet on Wednesday to finalize delegates, and to decide who will comprise that official negotiating team.
In the meantime, High Peace Council (HPC) has increased efforts and preparations for upcoming Peace Consultative Jirga set to be held in two weeks in Kabul with participation of hundreds of Afghan elders and representatives of all classes.
Afghanistan international allies believe that a big and unified team that can represent all classes and parties of the country is needed for direct talks with the Taliban group.
US special peace envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad in his tweet said: “We have momentum now with Afghans working together across party and society.” He underscored the imperative of reducing violence across Afghanistan in the coming weeks and explored ways to build broader regional support for the current effort to realize the Afghan people’s yearning for peace.
Taliban has also said in a statement that the intra-Afghan dialogue set to be held in mid-April in Qatar is part of efforts for peace in Afghanistan, but stressing that any individual who is part of the Kabul administration and is listed as a participant will only exchange his views and policies.
The intra-Afghan dialogue in Doha was one of issues discussed between US special peace envoy and officials and political leaders of Afghanistan. So far, peace talks have occurred only between US officials and the Taliban group, without the presence of Afghanistan government, an impasse that all have struggled to break.
Both US officials and representatives of the Taliban group are near an agreement on the withdrawal of US forces and on a Taliban pledge that Afghan soil would not be used by terrorist groups to attack the United States and its allies. Lailuma Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.