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New police chiefs appointment for hundred districts

By: The Kabul Times

“Your departure would bring about motivation, management, commitment and mobility,” President Ghani

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, addressing a gathering of police chiefs, newly appointed for hundred districts of country’s 29 provinces, on Sunday, said that their appointment ‘would bring about motivation, management, commitment and mobility.’
At the outset, at the meeting, attended by the First Vice-President Amrullah Saleh, Advisor to the National Security Council (NSC) Dr. Hamdullah Moheb and officials of the security and defense sector, Dr. Mohib said under the instruction of the president, a committee was appointed to evaluate the district police chiefs.
“First, through a transparent process, staff sergeants and officers have been evaluated and selected to be appointed as district police chiefs for the country’s 29 provinces,” the statement said quoting Moheb.
Addressing the newly appointed district police chiefs, Dr. Mohib said: “You develop your legitimate duties, the image of your action is the image of republicanism, we together would continue serving the country and the people under the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan legal system.”
According to Mohib, then, through evaluating 258 district police chiefs, within 45 days, 100 skilled and talented officers and sergeants have been picked among 600 successful ones, to be appointed as district police chiefs for the country’s 29 provinces.
First Vice-President Amrullah Saleh also spoke in the gathering saying: “Motivation, drive and run and supply are the three important elements guaranteeing your success and you should take in mind these three factors.”
“You shouldn’t only focus on the districts’ compounds but should also invest on the villages. You are the representatives of the president and the system and the people would judge you based on your performance,” the vice-president advised.
The president, then addressing them said with their arrival at the districts, motivation, management and mobility would come into existence something could be unique in the history of the country.
“You have been chosen for your commitment to the country and you have sacrificed. The nation wants commitment and sacrifices from you and you are the committed and dedicated offspring of the country,” the statement quoted the president as saying.
“Your identity should merely be national identity and your heart should be open to the people and with your departure, you should bring positive changes,” he advised.
The president noted that the selected 100-district police chiefs should remain forgiving with the locals but a tight feast to the enemy, as he assured that they had the support of their commander-in-chief.
The president, then, instructed the security and defense sector authorities to be in continued contact with the newly appointed districts police chiefs.

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