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New parliament should win people’s trust

Parliamentary elections were concluded, and final results were ultimately released and the new parliament was inaugurated by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani. Contrary to previous house that electing of the speaker took over one month, this issue of current parliament was settled in few days.
But it is clear that structural problems of the parliament cannot be settled merely with election of the speaker. The big problem of the parliament in our country is that no party order is dominating it while party order is dominating and ruling the rest of the world countries’ parliament, especially in democratic countries. Even in parliaments of our neighboring countries also party order is dominating in one way or another.
Parliamentary elections in all democratic countries are party elections, if parties compete each other, political forces make organized competitions. Due to lack of party election in of our parliamentary elections, party discipline cannot dominate our parliament.
It is clear when we have no party parliament and organized parliamentary groups and factions are not formed, every deputy of the parliament follows his private agenda and, in this case, private interests appear as a priority. While under party order, the deputy is usually under telescope of his, her party.
In a party order, a deputy cannot exploit vote of confidence for his/ her private interests but in lack of party observation the deputy is merely accountable to his/her conscience.
When power is not bridled with observation methods, corruption creates. It was due to this reason that in previous parliament the deputies had accused each other to illegal money favoring and blackmailing. The institute of vote of confidence had become an instrument for blackmailing. The minister who had refused to blackmail, faced problems while corrupt minister, whose corruption evident released in media, had managed to get vote of confidence. Due to this reason some citizens had given the title of “source of corruption” to parliament.
When a candidate minister was introduced to parliament, corruption networks gave money to some lawmakers to give him or her vote of confidence. When a minister was qualified, he or she had blackmailed to corruption networks. This situation had corrupted the whole government apparatuses. Vote of citizens and voters in the past round, had damaged the parliament in general.
Public opinion didn’t believe observatory role of parliament and neglected the law makers’ efforts. It is unlikely that current parliament manage to rehabilitate the lost trust of citizens soon. The house speaker also cannot prevent obstinacies of some lawmakers.
Financial corruption, money favoring, and illegal supports would absolutely continue in new parliament. But current lawmakers have still opportunity to gain people trust and believe about 70 percent of previous lawmakers failed due to lack of people trust and Afghan citizens sent new lawmakers to parliament. Even very famous former lawmakers failed.
If current lawmakers go on the way of their predecessors, certainly they would fail in next elections too. If they want to get the trust of their people, should carry out their jobs according to law. When the lawmakers act according to law and were a sample of responsible citizens, they would preserve trust of the citizens.
People expect the lawmakers to exert strong observation on government apparatus, development projects and government departments and take into account merely the collective interests of Afghan people during observation, questioning and use of vote of confidence.
People expect their lawmakers to fight administration and financial corruption, make the government apparatus effective but if the lawmakers fail to do these jobs, no doubt they would fail in the next parliamentary election.

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