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New motion in peace efforts

The US state department special envoy on peace efforts in Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad met President Ashraf Ghani and a number of senior authorities of the Afghan government the other day in capital Kabul.
Dr. Khalilzad who has recently been appointed in this post, is involved in a ten day regional visit and had meetings with senior officials of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia as the topics of above meetings was consultations with mentioned countries aimed to find a conclusion of the war and violence in Afghanistan.
In these meetings, he carried out assessments for solutions that could manage to bring the warring factions around a table, pave the way for implementation of peace and guarantee beginning of direct peace talks. He heard different opinions of all sides and tried to pave the way of a consensus among authorities of those countries. Khalilzad new mission, his visits of the regional countries and meetings with involved parties in Afghan conflict have been welcomed with optimisms due to certain reasons as the main reason behind this optimism has been conception on Khalilzad’s personality, capabilities and relations with Afghanistan.
Khalilzad is a person who has better acquaintance more than others with issues related to Afghan war and peace and has extensive relations with different sides, parties, political activists and movements in Afghanistan.
Khalilzad knows well regional issues and related problems concerning the four decades politics in Afghanistan that based on his available knowledge and experiences would cause him to initiate a new motion on peace talks.
Other reason is this that this conception has changed that the US is not sincerely intends to put an end to Afghan war and implementation of peace but as if trying to prolong war and permanent military presence in the region.
Now the regional countries are sure that the US honestly wants to conclude the war in Afghanistan and pave the way for withdrawal of US troops. With this conception these countries would be ready to cooperate in this direction with Afghanistan and its international partners.
The next reason behind optimism could be shaping of general consensus at regional and globle level on the need of concluding the war through a political process and peace talks. At present all regional countries and political circles wish end to war in Afghanistan and implement regional peace through Afghan peace. This consensus showed itself at a time that a seven stage peace plan was submitted by the Afghan government to the second meeting of Kabul Process and was supported by the regional and world countries, international organizations including religious ones. This plan drew attention of all to cooperate for ending of war in Afghanistan.It seems that peace efforts have entered a new phase and a new motion has emerged in the direction of these efforts.
But it is early to witness shaping of a coordinated move specially by our neighboring countries with the Afghan government that would cause direct peace talks between the two sides.
The reason is existence of problems and challenges ahead of peace efforts. The peace road is full of ups and downs and complicated.
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