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New members of ‘Access to Information Commission’ introduced

KABUL: New members of the Access to Information Commission were appointed following a decree issued by the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
Abdul Subhan Raof, Deputy chief of staff to the President read the decree on Sunday during a press conference at a ceremony in Government Media and Information Center on the introduction of new members of the Access to Information Commission.
Raof added: “Based on the decree, of the 15 eligible individuals, 5 of them are introduced as new members of the Access to Information Commission. The five members are Bahaduri, Zahra Mousawi, Hamdullah Arbab, Najiba Muram and Fazl Bari Baryalai. Meanwhile, Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh, reaffirmed government’s commitment that all the facilities would be used to ensure implementation of the provisions of the law on access to information. “Every agency is required to provide information in the light of the law,” he said,
Pointing out that the Commission’s mandate is extremely crucial for the country, the second vice president called on the new members of the commission to act courageous and impartially in carrying out this great responsibility.
VP Danesh also said that peace with the Taliban is one of the main priorities of the NUG and the government and the people have welcomed and continue to welcome any steps towards peace. He further noted that the Afghan nation have made important achievements in the last decades, which cannot be compromised in peace talks. “Among those achievements are freedom of speech and free press,” he noted.
Acting Minister of Information and Culture Hasina Safi, explained that of the five people who have been introduced as new members of the Access to Information Commission, saying three of them were appointed for a period of 5 years and remaining two of them were appointed for three years.
Meanwhile, Sayed Ikram Afzali, former Acting Director of the Oversight on Access to Information Commission said: over the past three and a half years, the commission has made important achievements in dealing with registered complaints, public awareness campaigns, creation and monitoring of information offices and capacity building programs. “More than 3 thousand individuals on access to information have been trained,” he said, adding that the commission has developed the National Strategy on Access to Information.
Representing other members, Najiba Muram said there were still challenges existed on classification of the information in the country.
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