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New electoral commissioners to be soon selected, government 

Political parties, electoral watchdog organizations and government are making effort to appoint new commissioners for electoral commissions. According electoral watchdog organizations, based on the country’s constitution, tribal combination should be considered in appointment of new elections commissioners.
“Further precision needs to be followed in appointment of new electoral commissions,” Yousful Rashid, chief executive of Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) said, adding that new faces should be appointed from different classes of Afghanistan people.
Meanwhile, presidential office says political parties and relevant civil society organizations have sent a list of 84 people including 14 women to presidential office and their documents are under preview.
Government has created a special working team to gather candidates’ documents for membership of the election commissions – the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC), President Ghani’s spokesman Haroon Chakhansuri told reports in a news conference on Monday.  
Chakhansuri said that so far, five candidates have submitted their documents through political parties to the working group. 
He said government would continue its efforts to select the candidates in consultation with political parties.
“A technical meeting was held with the [political] parties which are registered in the Ministry of Justice and members of civil society organizations,” Chakhansuri said. “All topics were explained to them. They have one week to introduce their candidates.” 
Meanwhile, civil society organizations said that at least 144 candidates have so far submitted their applications for membership of the election commissions. 
According to them, 15 candidates will be picked for further proceedings. 
Civil society organizations and political parties have introduced 84 individuals including 14 women for the membership of electoral commissions.
Naeem Ayoubzada, head of Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA), believes that final list of presidential candidates has not been declared so far; therefore, those voting for new electoral commissioners are in fact violating the law.
This comes after all commissioners from the two electoral commissions were dismissed from their posts, including the two chiefs, after President Ashraf Ghani signed off on an amendment to the electoral law.
Meanwhile, President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday reiterated that Afghanistan’s next presidential elections will be held as scheduled on July 20 as he addressed a ceremony in Nimroz province. 
A day earlier, the country’s President reacted to reports on plans for an interim government in the country as part of peace efforts.
“Elections is the demand of the people of Afghanistan and it is a constitutional need,” President Ghani said. “The presidential elections will be held on time. My order to all government institutions is to prevent any kind of interference,” added the country’s President. It is worth mentioning that the political parties and civil society institutions have been constantly saying that effective and professional candidates should be picked by government to lead the election commissions.

Suraya Raiszada


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