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New electoral commissioners sworn in

KABUL: New members for both electoral bodies have been sworn in at the presence of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, a statement from the Presidential Palace said Monday.
At an oath-taking ceremony held at the Chahar Chenar Palace and attended by Second Vice-President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and Chief Justice and chief of the Supreme Court Mohammad Yousuf Halim the new commissioners first signed the text of their recognizance and then sworn in, the statement said.
Addressing the ceremony, the president said the main issue was that the new commissioners were representing the entire sides, all presidential runners, electoral monitors and the civil societies, the statement added.
The transparent selection process of the electoral commissioners has been observed by the entire nations. “And now this ambiguity is removed that the electoral commissions belonged to this or that side, the president added.”
Reminding the commissioners to the last fault and violations, the president warned all violation would be referred to the justice and judicial bodies and the culprits would be punished based on the law.
He said both the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) should have joint meeting and form a specific quarantine mechanism for the commissioners in order to avoid misusing job and corruption, the statement quoted.
“No electoral commissioner should work for their previously related parties and any kinds of such relation would be called a violation,” the country’s president warned.
Both commissions should do their best not only in holding the upcoming presidential elections, but also launching the provincial council elections, the delayed Ghazni parliamentary elections and the district level council elections as well as soon working out for announcing the results of the remaining provinces’ parliamentary elections, the statement quoted the president as saying.
“The government gives an absolute assurance that it would prevent any types of meddling and that the country’s proud security and defense forces would will ensure the security of the process,” the president committed. The people trust in the electoral bodies was essential and no disturbance in the trust was acceptable, the statement quoted the president as noting.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.