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New Afghani banknotes to be distributed soon

Afghanistan’s central bank has informed of distribution of new Afghani banknotes in the country.
Based on a statement released by the country’s central bank, new printed afghani banknotes have been distributed to the country’s commercial banks to replace worn-out banknotes in the country’s market.
“Da Afghanistan Bank is obliged to inject new banknotes into the market and worn-out banknotes,” the statement said, adding that the bank has distributed 100 million Afghani new banknotes to commercial banks.
“Da Afghanistan Bank, as the country’s central bank, is tasked to make monetary policy, to print banknotes and distribute them to the market. Considering the policy for and demands of the market, it collects the warn-out banknotes and injects new banknotes,” the statement said.
In the statement, the country’s central bank has asked the people to pay considerable attention to the protection and keeping of the new banknotes.
The country’s central bank has said in the statement that the first tranche of 100 million Afghani new banknotes—with denominations of 10, 20, 50 and 100—were distributed to banks, and worn-out banknotes were collected.
The bank asked the citizens to pay particular attention to protection and keeping the new banknotes.
According to officials for the country’s central bank, complaints have been raised recently in connection with increasing worn-out banknotes in the country’s market; therefore, Da Afghanistan Bank has started distribution of new afghani banknotes to commercial banks.
New banknotes arrived in Kabul early November 2022 after the ground has been paved for Afghanistan’s central bank to pay a Polish company to print the much-needed cash.
A Polish firm delivered 10 billion afghani worth of banknotes, mostly in small denominations, to Kabul, the capital.
Prior to the collapse of the former government, the country’s central bank held a contract with a Polish company for the printing of its banknotes, but because of sanctions, the central bank was unable to pay the company for the much-needed cash.
According to the officials for the country’s central bank, the new banknotes would be used solely by the central bank for replacing old notes, and not to fund the budget.
The people have praised the injection of the new banknotes by the country’s central bank to the market. According to the citizens, the distribution of the new banknotes will address the problems of worn-out banknotes facing the people.
It is worth mentioning that worn-out banknotes have recently changed to a big problem for both shopkeepers and purchasers.
The new banknotes will soon replace the worn-out banknotes and the problems existing in our money-exchange market all over Afghanistan will be soon solved.
Samiullah Momand

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.