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Netherlands conference full of achievements, official

KABUL: Head of the Afghanistan Food and Drug Authority (AFDA) Dr. Abdul Bari Omar, on Monday shared details of his recent visit to the Netherlands in a press conference at the Government Media and Information Center (GMIC). Dr. Omar said, “I was officially invited on behalf of Afghanistan to the 2nd World Local Production Forum, which was held in the Netherlands.” “It was a conference full of achievements and a very impor tant one. The most important issue is that the presence of the Islamic Emirate at such a conference was very valuable for us. Secondly, we met with representatives and ministers of more than a hundred countries there,” Omar said. He added, “On the sidelines of the conference, he held bilateral meetings with representatives of various countries and heads of international private companies, and during these meetings, the ongoing situation of Afghanistan was explained there in a good manner, which was worthy of their attention and surprise.” By sharing Afghanistan’s security situation, investment opportunities, and the system’s cooperation and facilities in this area with the representatives of a number of private companies, many of them showed interest in investing in Afghanistan, according to him. He said that despite the sanctions and restrictions, Afghanistan Food and Drug Authority has made great progress compared to the past 20 years and currently 600 medicines are produced in the country and more than 58 pharmaceutical factories are operating. Also during his visit with a number of Afghan cadres who spent ten or twenty years in Europe, invited them to come to the country and serve in their own country. The 2nd World Local Production Forum was focused on ensuring the quality of medical equipment, vaccines, and safe food items. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.