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Netanyahu’s horrific brutality and war crime in Gaza

Netanyahu means Israel, Israel means America, America means the West and Western culture, and Western culture means the collection of human rights, women’s rights, democracy, equality, freedom of speech and other relevant so-called slogans. Today, we can see practical examples of all these western concepts in the besieged Gaza and Rafah. There is no need for any specialized education, lectures and long articles to define and explain the respective so-called modern terms and western values. Also, no western cultural local gangsters should promote these false, antireligious and anti-human philosophies anymore. As it is said, communism is known not from the books of Marx and Engels, but from the actions of Lenin and Stalin. In the same way, Western culture is known not from the philosophies of Kant, John Locke, Freud, Hegel and others, but from Netanyahu’s actions and the firm support of the entire West from Netanyahu. We remember that before the beginning of the crimes in Gaza, the United States warship came to the region and Biden announced that if anyone intervened in the war in support of Hamas, the United States would respond severely. We know that the US weap d war crime in Gaza ons depot for the entire Middle East is in Israel, the country which using these American weapons for killing the innocent civilians of Gaza. We know that Israel is the puppet and created country of the West. The country has been trained, fattened and fully supported by the West against Muslims and Middle East for centuries in order to protect the historical enmity with the Muslim Ummah. If we come to the main subject, Gaza has been destroyed, Palestinians have been martyred, but with it, all the moral traditions of Western culture and human rights claims have been also buried forever. The horror of Gaza has fully damaged the teaching content of the law faculties around the world, which the western humanity had spent a century on them. It is time to define and interpret human rights issues based on the realities of Gaza and Rafah instead of the Geneva Conventions so that everybody knows better who are the enemies of humanity, who are the real enemies of women’s rights, children’s rights and other rights in the world. Qari Abdul Satar Saeed

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.